Detroit Lions LB Derrick Barnes does not take kindly to local blog singling him out

Detroit Lions LB Derrick Barnes does not take kindly to local blog singling him out.

Detroit Lions LB Derrick Barnes does not take kindly to local blog singling him out

This past Saturday, the Detroit Lions had a golden opportunity to take down the hated Dallas Cowboys, but the game was stolen from them by the NFL referee who was in La La Land when Taylor Decker reported as an eligible receiver. That said, had the Lions made a play in a crucial situation, the referees would not have mattered.

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HUGE Opportunity Missed by Derrick Barnes

Earlier in the game, the Lions had the Cowboys backed up near their own end zone. On a third down play, Lions linebacker Derrick Barnes blitzed and had a clear shot at Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott. But just when Barnes was about to make what would have been the play of the game, Prescott ducked out of the way and heaved the ball up to CeeDee Lamb, who caught the ball and ran for a 92-yard touchdown.

Local Blog Calls Out Derrick Barnes

On Thursday, @DetroitPodcast, which is affiliated with SI All Lions, posted a video to X (formerly Twitter) that singled out Barnes during a tackling drill along with the comment, “Pretend THAT is Dak Prescott #55 Derrick Barnes”.

Barnes Does Not Take Kindly to Video

According to an article on SI All Lions, Barnes did not take too kindly to being singled out in the video.

“Detroit's linebackers did not take particularly too kindly to this reference, possibly feeling it was a disrespectful shot at a player,” SI All Lions wrote.

In my opinion, posting the video along with a caption that said, “Detroit Lions linebackers go through tackling drill leading up to season finale” would have been just fine. But, in Barnes' defense, the message SI All Lions included with the video, which was clearly singling him out, was not something a reporter should be doing.

Barnes Explains What Happened

Despite not being too thrilled about the video, Barnes did take the time to talk about what went wrong on what would have been a sack resulting in a safety and two points for the Lions, rather than seven points for the Cowboys.

“It’s the NFL. He’s a good quarterback, and (expletive) like that happens. Also, you’ve got to take into consideration that players are out here getting fined thousands of dollars,” said Barnes. “Not that I was afraid of that, but there’s penalties. 

“We were backed up, and I didn’t want to cause a penalty for my teammates, especially in a critical situation like that,” Barnes continued. “So, I was full-speed. I tried to take his head off, and he ended up seeing me at the last minute and he ducked. I didn’t close my eyes. I was trying to get a good shot on him, and he seen me and ducked. That’s what that play was.”

“What I want everyone to know is, the reason it’s a big deal — it’s a big deal. I get back to the locker room the next day, my coach told me that’s a play he expects me to make. That’s the type of player I am,” Barnes told All Lions, when discussing our social media post, the play and being part of that game.

That’s what he would tell me. But, I think that everybody needs to know, the only reason it’s a big deal to everybody is because they scored a touchdown on it. I’m not making excuses. Next time, I’m gonna make the play, but I feel like it’s only as big as it is because it caused a touchdown.” 

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Missed Opportunity: Linebacker Derrick Barnes had a crucial chance to sack Dak Prescott for a safety, but Prescott evaded him, leading to a game-changing 92-yard touchdown for the Cowboys.
  2. Media Criticism: A local blog, @DetroitPodcast, highlighted Barnes' missed opportunity in a video, which did not sit well with the Lions' linebacker, feeling it unfairly singled him out.
  3. Barnes' Perspective: Barnes acknowledged the significance of the missed play, expressing his intent to make such plays in the future. He noted the fine line between aggressive play and avoiding penalties, underscoring the complexity of decision-making in high-pressure situations.

Bottom Line

The incident involving Derrick Barnes exemplifies the high stakes and split-second decisions that define NFL games. While his missed tackle resulted in a pivotal play for the Cowboys, it's a reminder of the immense pressure players face on the field. Criticism from media and fans, while part of the sport, often overlooks the nuanced challenges players contend with in real time.

Barnes' response shows a player aware of his responsibilities and the impact of his actions, committed to learning and improving. This scenario serves as a case study of the complex dynamics between player performance, media scrutiny, and fan expectations in professional sports.