Detroit Lions listed as landing spot for QB Malik Willis

The Detroit Lions have been named as a potential landing spot for Malik Willis if he does not make the Titans.

Heading into the offseason, many would have been surprised to hear that the Detroit Lions planned to enter the 2023 season with Nate Sudfeld as Jared Goff‘s backup. Well, with training camp just over a month and a half away, it appears as if that may be the plan. With that being said, could the Lions be interested in Malik Willis if he ends up being made available by the Tennessee Titans?

Malik Willis Detroit Lions

Why could Malik Willis become available?

As a rookie, Willis had limited playing time and his performance was underwhelming, with just three starts, a completion rate of 50.8 percent, 276 yards, zero touchdowns, and three interceptions. Clearly, he has a long way to go in terms of development, as evident from his college tape at Liberty. However, the Titans have also drafted Will Levis this year, and if he shines in training camp, Willis could become expendable.

Key Points

  • Malik Willis could become available because of his underwhelming performance as a rookie, limited playing time, and the Titans' recent draft pick of Will Levis, which may make Willis expendable.
  • The Detroit Lions are listed as a potential landing spot for Willis if he is released by the Titans, as suggested by Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports.
  • The Lions' offensive coordinator, Ben Johnson, is known for his progressive mindset and could potentially incorporate Willis into the offense as a sub-package or gadget-type weapon, aligning with Detroit's goal of being more explosive offensively.

Lions listed as landing spot for Willis

Here is what Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports has to say about the Lions being a potential landing spot for Willis if he is cut by the Titans.

Curveball! Yes, the Lions picked Hooker in the third round in April — after rumors swirled about him possibly being selected Round 1. But Willis is more than a year younger than Hooker, and while the club raves about Goff, we shouldn't expect an upstart team like the Lions to be fully committed to him in the long run as they ascend the ranks in the NFC. 

Wills wouldn't pose an immediate, 2023 threat to Goff's starting gig, and sure, his presence would take away some of Hooker's practice reps, but the competition he'd provide Hooker would likely bring out the best in both quarterbacks. 

Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is a progressive mind who, in theory, could even work Willis into the offense in a sub-package, gadget-type weapon. And Willis' talents clearly jibe with what Detroit wants offensively — to be more explosive. Back-to-back first-round selections of wideout Jameson Williams and Jahmyr Gibbs prove that. 


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