Detroit Lions make changes to strength and conditioning department

The Detroit Lions are taking strides to improve their strength and conditioning in 2023.

In an effort to enhance their training regime, the Detroit Lions have made further adjustments to their coaching staff, specifically focusing on the strength and conditioning department. As the team gears up for the upcoming training camp, they bid farewell to one assistant coach (Morris Henry) while welcoming two new additions (Corey Smith and EJ Hibbler).

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Detroit Lions make changes to strength and conditioning department

As pointed out by Jeremy Reisman, the team's website no longer lists Morris Henry, who previously served as the assistant strength and conditioning coach since 2020. However, the Lions have introduced two new assistant coaches, Corey Smith and EJ Hibbler, to bolster their training program.

Smith brings over a decade of experience in the field, starting as an intern for Illinois State and Iowa in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Notably, Smith has served as an assistant strength and conditioning coach for prominent institutions like Texas and Texas Tech. In the previous year, he assumed the role of Associate AD for Strength and Conditioning at Abilene Christian University. Smith's wealth of knowledge and expertise position him as a valuable addition to the Lions' coaching staff.

Hibbler also joins the team, bringing a strong background in strength and conditioning across multiple sports. Hibbler's notable experience includes working with the Michigan State volleyball and women's basketball teams. Additionally, he contributed to the strength and conditioning program at Arkansas during Jerry Jacobs' time as a player. Hibbler's diverse skill set and insights from various athletic disciplines will contribute to the Lions' pursuit of optimal physical preparation.

Key Points

  • Morris Henry, the Lions‘ former assistant strength and conditioning coach, is no longer with the team.
  • Corey Smith and EJ Hibbler have joined the Lions as new assistant coaches.
  • Smith brings extensive experience, including roles at Texas and Texas Tech.
  • Hibbler has worked with Michigan State and was part of the strength and conditioning program at Arkansas.
  • The Lions' recent changes aim to improve player performance and well-being.

Bottom Line – Strengthening the Path to Success

With these updates and the addition of talented coaches, the Detroit Lions are strengthening their foundation for a more competitive and successful season. By prioritizing player wellness and refining training methods, the team is positioning itself for improved on-field performance and long-term success.