Detroit Lions named as landing spot for RB Cam Akers

Detroit Lions named as landing spot for RB Cam Akers: Do you think the Lions should trade for Akers?

Detroit Lions named as landing spot for RB Cam Akers

In the aftermath of the Detroit Lions‘ Week 2 showdown against the Seattle Seahawks, the roar of the Motor City faithful was dampened, not only by the loss but by a string of unfortunate injuries. One of the casualties of this battle was none other than running back extraordinaire, David Montgomery. The post-game chatter in the locker room hinted at a recovery period that could stretch a couple of weeks. While Montgomery's resilience is unquestionable, the Lions brass must now contemplate their next move, and one name that's lighting up the rumor mill is none other than Los Angeles Rams running back, Cam Akers.

Detroit Lions named as landing spot for RB Cam Akers

Lions at a Crossroads: Montgomery's Injury and Depth Concerns

With Montgomery nursing a thigh bruise, the Lions find themselves at a crossroads. Should they explore the possibility of bringing in Cam Akers to shore up their running back corps? While rookie sensation Jahmyr Gibbs shows immense promise, the reality is that the drop-off in skill level on the depth chart after Gibbs is steep. Craig Reynolds, who filled in for Montgomery during Sunday's game against the Seahawks, has limitations.

As the Lions brace for a demanding schedule, if Montgomery ends up missing extended time, the urgency to secure a dependable running back option becomes apparent. It has been suggested by NFL Draft analyst Russell Brown that the Lions could reach out about Akers.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions face adversity after David Montgomery's injury in Week 2.
  2. Cam Akers emerges as a potential game-changer, despite his tumultuous journey with the Rams.
  3. The Lions must weigh the severity of Montgomery's injury against the potential benefits of adding Akers to their roster.

Bottom Line: Immediate Solutions

The question that looms large is whether the Lions should pursue Cam Akers as a short-term fix, given the nature of Montgomery's injury. If Montgomery's recovery timeline indeed aligns with the shorter end of the spectrum, the compensation for Akers must be favorable for the Lions to pull the trigger. Akers' departure from the Rams has been a long time coming, and he could be the missing piece in Detroit's backfield puzzle.

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