Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson gets snubbed again

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson gets snubbed again!

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson gets snubbed again

Despite engineering one of the NFL's most potent offenses and guiding the Detroit Lions to the NFC Championship game, Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson has been overlooked for the Associated Press’ Assistant Coach of the Year award for another year. This oversight occurs in a season filled with remarkable achievements by Johnson, whose innovative offensive schemes have been a cornerstone of the Lions' success. Instead, the accolade was awarded to Jim Schwartz, former Lions head coach and current Browns defensive coordinator.

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A Glimmer of Hope: Johnson’s Commitment to the Lions

Adding a significant layer to Ben Johnson‘s story is his recent announcement that he will remain with the Detroit Lions for the 2024 season, opting not to pursue a head coaching position elsewhere. This decision not only demonstrates his dedication to the team but also indicates that Johnson will have another opportunity to vie for the Assistant Coach of the Year award.

With his innovative mind and the continued development of the Lions' offense, Johnson's prospects for future recognition are bright. His commitment to the Lions underscores a promising outlook for both his personal accolades and the team's success in the upcoming seasons.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Ben Johnson was overlooked for AP Assistant Coach of the Year, despite leading the Lions to the NFC Championship.
  2. Jim Schwartz clinches the award with his defensive achievements for the Browns.
  3. Raises questions on the criteria for coaching accolades.
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The Bottom Line – Recognition Deferred, Not Denied

Ben Johnson’s influence on the Detroit Lions and the NFL at large goes beyond trophies and titles. While formal recognition has eluded him, his strategic brilliance and the decision to continue with the Lions in 2024 highlight a future ripe with potential for both Johnson and the team. This commitment not only speaks to his loyalty but also to his vision for what the Lions can achieve under his guidance. As Johnson gears up for another shot at the Assistant Coach of the Year award, his journey is a testament to the notion that true impact is measured by more than just accolades. It's the legacy of innovation and dedication that truly defines a coach's success.

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