NFL Insider reveals potential successor for Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson

NFL Insider reveals potential successor for Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson.

NFL Insider reveals potential successor for Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson has established himself as a beacon of strategic prowess within the NFL, admired for his innovative offensive schemes and leadership. Despite his commitment to the Lions for another season, the inevitable lure of a head-coaching role hangs over his future with the team.

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The Successor?

The anticipation around Johnson's successor is intensifying, Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer has spotlighted the potential departure of pass-game coordinator Tanner Engstrand and the consideration of Pete Carmichael Jr. as a long-term replacement. This situation underscores the Lions' preparation for continuity and excellence in their offensive strategy, pivotal for their aspirations of championship glory.

One piece of fallout from Ben Johnson staying in Detroit could be the loss of a potential successor for the team’s play-caller,” Breer wrote. “Pass-game coordinator Tanner Engstrand will interview for the OC opening in Seattle. And should he land the job, Dan Campbell & Co. might have to hatch a new long-term contingency plan. Eventually getting new Denver Broncos assistant Pete Carmichael Jr., an old staffmate of Campbell’s from New Orleans, could be one.

Navigating the Future of Lions' Offense

In detail, Johnson's loyalty and ambition have kept him with the Lions, aiming to secure a championship. However, the reality of his eventual move to a head coaching position has prompted speculation on his successor. Engstrand, once seen as the heir apparent, might leave for greener pastures, which brings Carmichael Jr., a seasoned offensive strategist from the New Orleans Saints, into focus. This strategic positioning by head coach Dan Campbell could ensure the Lions' offensive legacy continues to thrive under new leadership.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Ben Johnson, esteemed for his offensive acumen, remains with the Lions but future head-coaching roles loom.
  2. Tanner Engstrand is considered for departure, spotlighting Pete Carmichael Jr. as a potential successor.
  3. Coach Dan Campbell‘s history with Carmichael Jr. signals a well-considered succession plan.
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The Bottom Line – Crafting the Next Chapter

As the Detroit Lions navigate the uncertainties of NFL coaching tenures, the prospect of Pete Carmichael Jr. stepping into Ben Johnson's shoes presents an intriguing chapter in the team's ongoing narrative. This potential transition, while filled with its own set of challenges, also offers a beacon of hope for continuity in excellence and innovation. With Dan Campbell at the helm, leveraging his profound connections and insight, the Lions are poised to turn the page with strategic grace, ensuring that their offensive legacy not only endures but flourishes in the seasons to come.

In the high-stakes world of NFL coaching, Detroit's approach to succession planning exemplifies a forward-thinking mindset, crucial for sculpting the future of any franchise looking to compete at the highest level.

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