Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson says it is time for a change

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson says it is time for a change.

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson says it is time for a change

As the Detroit Lions enjoy a promising 3-1 start to the season, offensive coordinator Ben Johnson recognizes a significant challenge that needs to change immediately: the team's performance in the third quarter. Despite their overall offensive prowess, the Lions have struggled to move the ball effectively during this crucial period of the game. Johnson's commitment to addressing this issue reflects the team's determination to enhance its performance and maintain a successful season.

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Why it Matters: A Critical Quarter for Success

The third quarter often sets the tone for the remainder of a football game. The Lions' ability to improve their performance during this period can greatly impact their chances of securing victories in upcoming matchups. By acknowledging the issue and taking proactive measures to address it, the coaching staff and players are demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement and competitiveness.

What did Ben Johnson Say?

Here is what Ben Johnson said on Thursday:

“It’s a big deal,” Johnson said. “Because it was a problem last year, so it’s one that we haven’t been able to fix yet. We are certainly aware of it as a coaching staff, the players are aware of it and so it’s something that we’re looking to improve.”

“I said this last year when we had a turnover problem early in the season, just the awareness of the problems is the first step to correcting the problem,” Johnson said. “So we cleaned up our turnovers the second half of the year and that was part of just drawing their attention to how important that is. Same thing I think as the starting point for this is, ‘Hey guys, this isn’t good enough, this is not what we’re capable of.' So as long as they are understanding of what we’re trying to get done I think we’ll see improvement and then there’s some things as a coaching staff we can do a little better as well.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson aims to improve the team's performance in the third quarter.
  2. The Lions have struggled in the third quarter, despite their overall offensive success.
  3. Johnson acknowledges the issue and believes awareness is the first step toward improvement.
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Bottom Line: Aiming for Positive Change

For the Detroit Lions, recognizing areas that need improvement is a vital aspect of their journey toward success. As they strive to enhance their performance in the third quarter, the team is embracing the opportunity for positive change. With a proactive approach and the determination to overcome challenges, the Lions aim to elevate their game and achieve their goals for the season.