Detroit Lions once again take hard pass on scouting top QBs in-person

Earlier today, we published an article pointing out the must-watch game that Detroit Lions fans should be tuning in for on Thursday night. That game would feature two of the top QB prospects as North Carolina (Sam Howell) took on Pittsburgh (Kenny Pickett).

Well, apparently, the Lions’ scouting department is listening to what I have been saying for years as they are also content with watching Howell and Pickett on television as they will reportedly not be there in person.

According to Pitt Football, 21 NFL teams are in attendance for tonight’s game and the Lions are not one of them.

As pointed out by Jourdan Rodrigue of The Athletic, the Los Angeles Rams have scaled their in-person scouting way back and that could be why Lions GM Brad Holmes (formerly of Rams) has not sent his scouts to recent games between top QB prospects.

Note: The Lions also skipped last Saturday’s game between Ole Miss (Matt Corral) and Liberty (Malik Willis)

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