Detroit Lions players share their favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions

Detroit Lions players share their favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions: What is your favorite Thanksgiving Tradition?

Detroit Lions players share their favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions

As the Detroit Lions gear up to host the Green Bay Packers at Ford Field on this special Thanksgiving Day, the excitement goes beyond just the football field. Thanksgiving is a time for traditions, family, and gratitude, and for these players, it’s no different. In this heartwarming article, we get an intimate glimpse into the personal Thanksgiving traditions of the Detroit Lions players. From cherished family recipes to annual gatherings, these stories remind us that beyond the helmets and jerseys, these athletes cherish the holiday just as much as any of us. Let’s dive into the festive and familial world of the Lions' Thanksgiving Day traditions.

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Thanksgiving Traditions

Here is what some of the Detroit Lions players had to say about their Thanksgiving traditions, via MLive:

Josh Reynolds“It’s just more of a gathering period for us to all be in the same space together, enjoy each other’s company. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. We do our normal— I wouldn’t say normal size, but our traditional size. I think this year we might switch it up a little bit. I think my wife is trying to get a little crazy with the menu, so I guess we’ll see what she comes up with.”

Tracy Walker III: “We spend quality time. We just want to go enjoy the quality family time that you usually don’t get during the season, so it is a great holiday for that, and it is a great moment just to rejoice.”

Kalif Raymond: “We got some dishes! My sister cooks some mac and cheese. My mom cooks some pretty good meals. We play a couple of games. We played Heads Up the last couple of years and then Phase 10.”

Alim McNeill: “If it’s just a regular Thanksgiving, we’ll be down at Grandma’s house. The whole family will be down there, but it’d be nothing special or nothing. We just go down there and eat. Our whole family would be down there. We’ll be watching the (Thanksgiving Day) games, not knowing that I’d be playing in it now, but we’d be watching the football games. Just chilling, relaxing.”

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Least-Favorite Thanksgiving Day Foods

Reynolds: “I ain’t a fan of yams, man. I don’t know why. I’m not a fan of them, but everything else, yeah. Candied yams though? You could pass me on that.”

Walker III: “Dressing. I don’t want no dressing. No cranberry sauce, no dressing? No, I’m straight outta that.”

Raymond: “Far away from my plate? Anything like zucchini, squash, and what’s the other one called? The purple-looking one? Eggplant! Eggplant? Those three? Oh, goodness.”

McNeill: “On Thanksgiving? Everything’s getting ate! There ain’t nothing that I ain’t touching for real. Everything. Get the cranberry (sauce), dressing, turkey, of course. Mac and cheese, green beans—all that’s getting touched by me.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Thanksgiving as a Time for Gathering and Tradition: Detroit Lions players like Josh Reynolds and Tracy Walker III emphasize the importance of Thanksgiving as a time for family gatherings and enjoying each other's company, highlighting how the holiday offers a much-needed break and a chance to reconnect with loved ones during the hectic football season.
  2. Family, Food, and Fun: Kalif Raymond and Alim McNeill share their family traditions, which include special dishes like mac and cheese and engaging in fun games. McNeill fondly recalls spending Thanksgiving at his grandmother's house, a tradition that has taken on new meaning now that he plays in Thanksgiving Day games.
  3. Diverse Tastes in Thanksgiving Dishes: The players also share their least favorite Thanksgiving foods, with Reynolds not being a fan of candied yams, Walker III skipping dressing and cranberry sauce, and Raymond avoiding vegetables like zucchini and eggplant. McNeill, however, loves it all, saying that he indulges in everything on the table.
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Bottom Line: Happy Thanksgiving!

The Detroit Lions players, amidst their professional commitments and high-stakes games, still hold dear the essence of Thanksgiving – a time for family, food, and gratitude. Their personal stories and traditions reflect the universal nature of the holiday, resonating with fans who see them not just as athletes on the field but as individuals who value the same holiday joys and warmth. This Thanksgiving, as they face the Green Bay Packers, they bring not only their skills but also the spirit of a holiday that unites everyone in celebration and thankfulness.