Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery says matchup vs. Bears will be a ‘dogfight’

Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery says matchup vs. Bears will be a 'dogfight'

Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery says matchup vs. Bears will be a ‘dogfight'

Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery is currently preparing to face his former team, the Chicago Bears, in what he considers just another week in the NFL. Despite his four-season tenure with the Bears, Montgomery is not letting emotions sway his focus. His approach to the upcoming game is methodical and undisturbed, maintaining his usual pre-game routine.

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What Did David Montgomery Say?

Though David Montgomery will be playing his former team this coming Sunday, he says he is treating it just like any other game.

“A lot of guys over there that got love for me, and we talk on a regular basis. … They're my guys, but they understand and I understand, too, what it means and what's getting ready to happen, too,” Montgomery said. 

“I think it'll be the same. I go to sleep at the same time the night before the game,” Montgomery said. “I go to sleep at 10:15, fall asleep with a movie on, I'm good. So, it'll be the same this week. The usual.” 

Montgomery added that though the Bears may not have a great record, Sunday's game is going to be a “dogfight”.

“They have a really good scheme, a really good defense. I know their principles,” said Montgomery. “Coach (Matt) Eberflus does a great job of making those guys understand effort. That is one of their core principles. And, they live by that. You can see it on film. Their record may not say it, but when you turn on the film and you watch how they play, this is not going to be an easy team that we play. It is going to be a dogfight. It's good to see where we will be at. We are ready for the challenge.”

Why it Matters

Montgomery's connections with former teammates like Darnell Mooney, Justin Fields, and Khalil Herbert remain strong, yet these relationships do not dilute his competitive spirit. This matchup is more than a reunion; it's a crucial step for the Lions in their quest for the NFC North division title.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. David Montgomery, now with the Lions, faces his former team, the Bears, with a calm and focused approach.
  2. Despite close ties with former teammates, Montgomery treats the upcoming game as a regular matchup.
  3. The Lions, led by Coach Dan Campbell, prepare for a challenging game, respecting the Bears' defense and effort-driven style.
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Bottom Line – Focused on the Goal

David Montgomery's treatment of the game against his former team as just another week is a testament to his professionalism and focus on the larger goal: the Lions' success. This approach, devoid of extra emotions, not only shows Montgomery's maturity but also aligns with the Lions' broader perspective on the season. As Detroit gears up for a competitive matchup, Montgomery's role will be crucial in navigating the Bears' formidable defense. In the grand scheme, this game is another step towards the Lions' aim for a significant accomplishment in the NFC North, and Montgomery plays a pivotal part in this journey.

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