Detroit Lions rookie Jack Campbell knows starting gig won’t be handed to him

The Detroit Lions have high expectations for their first-round pick, Jack Campbell. General manager Brad Holmes and coach Dan Campbell have expressed their belief that the former Iowa linebacker will have an immediate impact. However, the Lions' coaching staff is known for instilling the importance of earning one's position. Behind the scenes, this has been the message conveyed to Campbell. Despite the high expectations, he understands that nothing will be handed to him and that he must compete with other talented players on the team.

Jack Campbell Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Campbell is expected to make an immediate impact in his rookie season.
  • The Lions value competition and meritocracy within their roster.
  • Campbell's impressive college career has prepared him for the challenges ahead.
  • The starting linebacker position alongside Alex Anzalone is open for competition.
  • Campbell is determined to work hard and earn his spot on the team.

Detroit Lions rookie Jack Campbell knows starting gig won't be handed to him

Campbell is well aware of the fact that he is going to have to earn everything with the Lions.

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“All I can do is prepare to the best of my ability and let my talents and everything else take me to where I need to go,” Campbell said. “I'm going to do everything that I can to put this team in the best position to win games.

“Right now a lot of people have high expectations on me and that's all good. I'm just going to stick to what I know and who I am and come out here every single day and give it my all.”

Bottom Line: Campbell should start from Day 1

The Lions provide Jack Campbell opportunity for immediate playing time. While Alex Anzalone has been re-signed and occupies one starting linebacker spot, the position next to him remains up for grabs. Campbell is excited about the competition and is ready to embrace the challenge. He understands that regardless of draft position or status, every player is on an equal footing and must prove themselves day in and day out. Campbell's message from the coaching staff is clear: work hard, focus on the details, and the results will follow. With that being said, unless something goes very wrong, you can expect Campbell to be a major contributor beginning in Week 1.

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