Detroit Lions S Tracy Walker’s latest comments are clearly an indictment on Matt Patricia

One could argue that the Detroit Lions‘ weakest position group as we inch closer to the 2021 NFL regular season, is their safeties.

Though I still believe GM Brad Holmes will add another free agent before the season begins, the fact that the Lions have pretty much ignored the position suggests they do not believe it is as bad as many others may think.

One of the key safeties on the roster is Tracy Walker, who is excited to just be able to be himself.

While meeting with the media following OTAs, Walker spoke about that and though he did not mention him by name, it was pretty clear that he was not thrilled playing for former Lions head coach, Matt Patricia.

“Honestly, I just get to be myself,” Walker said about the coaching atmosphere. “Let’s just say it like that. I get to walk around and be myself and I can’t ask for much else. As long as I get to be myself and get to be the jolly person that I am then, like I said, my play on the field will speak for itself.”

It is well-documented that Patricia was not exactly a big fan of his players being themselves and having fun and new Lions head coach Dan Campbell is the exact opposite.

The question is, will Walker improve his play on the field enough to be part of the Lions’ long-term plan?

Time will tell but I believe he will do just that!