Detroit Lions’ top beat writer says Super Bowl window may be short-lived

One beat writer (no, it is not Carlos Monarrez) not only believes the Detroit Lions window to win a Super Bowl begins now, but he also believes it may be shorter than you think.

Detroit Lions fans have suffered for a very long time, but it sure seems like that suffering may be over for a while, as Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell have put together a team, and established a culture, that is ready to start winning a lot of football games. In fact, some have said that the Lions' window to win a Super Bowl has officially opened and that they should be contenders for years to come. Well, Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, who I personally consider to be one the top Lions' beat writers, thinks the Super Bowl window may be short-lived.

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Detroit Lions' top beat writer says Super Bowl window may be short-lived

Birkett recently joined Detroit Free Press writers Carlos Monarrez and Shawn Windsor on the ‘Carlos and Shawn Podcast', and he explained why the Lions' window of opportunity is now, and that it may only last a few years.

“When you say they have a chance to get there in ten or eight years, that tells me that you think they can get there in two,” Birkett said on the Carlos and Shawn Podcast. “Because, you know, that's the window of opportunity for teams in the NFL, it's not eight or ten years. The Lions are IN their window of opportunity right now.”

“Just look back at the history of the NFL, right?” Birkett continued. “Unless you have Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady. Because listen, if in the history of the NFL, the only teams that have that 10-year window are Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady and the very elite quarterbacks, and the Lions don't have that right now. And they're building that type of roster. Those are the type of teams that sustain it for a decade. Otherwise, your window to win is short.”

“And yes, the Lions have a lot of young talent, but they gotta start paying that young talent next year. Amon-Ra St. Brown is gonna need a contract extension that is gonna pay him $25 million a year, next year. Penei Sewell, you don't have to do it next year because you have the fifth-year option on him, but Penei Sewell is gonna need a contract extension. Aidan Hutchinson, down the road, is gonna need one. Jonah Jackson, you know, if they are gonna keep him this offseason, if they are gonna keep that offensive line together. Taylor Decker's gonna need another one before long.”

“So, the window that the Lions have to win is right now, in the next, let's call it three years. And that doesn't mean that they can't extend that window a little bit, but when I look at what the Lions did this offseason, that told me that they agree with that thought. Because their first four draft pick are guys that are going to contribute immediately and play position value be damned and it doesn't matter if we are going to have to pay these guys in four years or five years, or what's going to happen with the second contract. Brian Branch, Jahmyr Gibbs, Jack Campbell, and Sam LaPorta, all lesser positions in the NFL, but they're all gonna play big roles for the Lions this year. And then signing a Teddy Bridgewater insurance piece, the Lions, Brad Holmes, Dan Campbell, they've accelerated their rebuild enough to be in their window to win, right now.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Short NFL Success Window:
    • Birkett states most NFL teams have a 2-3 year window to succeed, not the perceived 8-10 years. Only teams with legendary quarterbacks like Mahomes or Brady have a decade-long window, and the Lions are already in their prime window.
  2. Upcoming Financial Challenges:
    • The Lions face salary cap challenges with several young players, including Amon-Ra St. Brown and Penei Sewell, needing lucrative extensions soon. This could limit their flexibility in roster decisions.
  3. Offseason Moves Signal Immediate Ambition:
    • The Lions' recent draft choices and acquisitions, including Teddy Bridgewater, show a focus on immediate success, suggesting that the management sees the present as their best chance to win.

Bottom Line: Detroit Lions Super Bowl Window Could Close Quickly

Birkett's insights shed light on the short-lived nature of success in the NFL, suggesting that Detroit Lions are in their crucial phase of seizing the moment. With looming financial commitments to emerging stars and a strategic offseason roster shuffle, the Lions' decisions underscore a palpable urgency to capitalize on their current potential. The next few years will be pivotal for the team, with a narrow window to chase championship glory, emphasizing the temporary nature of opportunities in professional football.