Detroit Lions Trade Rumors: Dan Campbell shares his thoughts

Detroit Lions Trade Rumors: Dan Campbell shares his thoughts on 97.1 The Ticket.

Detroit Lions Trade Rumors: Dan Campbell shares his thoughts

The Detroit Lions may be sitting at 5-2 after seven games, but following a 38-6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday, many believe they should go out and trade for a player or two to bolster their roster. On Wednesday, Lions head coach Dan Campbell joined the crew on 97.1 The Ticket and he discussed what going into actually pulling off a trade.

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Weighing the Options

While speaking to Mike Stone and Jon Jansen on the “Stoney & Jansen Show” on 97.1 the Ticket, Campbell talked about the upcoming NFL Trade Deadline. Campbell mentioned how GM Brad Holmes is mindful of the fact that messing with the current team chemistry is not an option.

“First of all, the value’s got to be right,” Campbell said in his weekly Tuesday interview on 97.1-WXYT FM. “It’s got to be something that we feel like can help us, fits us. But it also can’t be something that’s going to mess with what we got going on here. He’s mindful of that and I appreciate that about him, that he knows what I’m talking about, what we’re about. And we’re not going to mess with the vibe of this team.”

Campbell added that there is “no talent that's worth” acquiring if they are going to mess up what the Lions currently have going on in their locker room.

Campbell says he and Brad Holmes have not gone deep into trade talks

Campbell noted that he and Holmes have not yet had extensive conversations about potential trade deadline deals.

“I know he’s going through a lot of things and when it becomes serious, he’ll bring it to me,” Campbell said. “But right now I’m concerned with the guys we have in this building, getting them right, and I’m also concerned with chemistry. I don’t ever want to do anything that’s going to mess the chemistry of this team up, either, cause we got the right guys here right now.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Trade Dilemma: Despite the Detroit Lions' impressive 5-2 record, the team's recent 38-6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens has sparked trade rumors. Many fans and experts believe the Lions should consider acquiring new talent to bolster their roster as the NFL Trade Deadline approaches.
  2. Valuing Team Chemistry: Lions head coach Dan Campbell emphasized the importance of maintaining team chemistry when considering potential trade deals. He discussed how General Manager Brad Holmes is cautious about making moves that could disrupt the positive dynamic within the team. Campbell is committed to preserving the strong camaraderie in the Lions' locker room.
  3. Focused on the Present: Campbell revealed that he and Holmes have not yet delved deeply into trade discussions. Their primary focus is on the players currently on the roster and ensuring their well-being. Campbell reiterated the significance of team chemistry and expressed his commitment to the cohesive group of players currently in the Lions' fold.

Bottom Line: The Fit MUST Be Right

While trade rumors swirl around the Detroit Lions, Dan Campbell and General Manager Brad Holmes approach potential deals with caution. Their priority is to maintain the positive team chemistry that has contributed to the Lions' success. As the NFL Trade Deadline looms, the team's decisions will be guided by their commitment to both talent and harmony within the locker room.