Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks Final Score Prediction

Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks Final Score Prediction: Give us your final score prediction for today's game.

Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks Final Score Prediction

The Detroit Lions are poised to kick off their season with a scorching start, eyeing a second consecutive victory against formidable playoff contenders. While their win against the Kansas Chiefs in Week 1 was a monumental triumph, it came with its share of blemishes. Today they face the Seattle Seahawks, who are smarting from a disheartening defeat at the hands of Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams. The question looms: Will the Lions capitalize on a Seahawks squad that is missing both of their starting offensive tackles or will Seattle rebound and quiet Ford Field?

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Lions Offense vs. Seahawks Defense

Heading into the 2022 season, many believe the Lions would have a Top 5 offense in the league, but they did not get off to a scorching hot start against the Chiefs in Week 1 (The offense only put up 14 points). With that being said, once Jared Goff settled down a bit, the Lions were able to move the ball and they were able to do enough to win the game. The Seahawks' defense leaves much to be desired, and I expect Goff, and the Lions' rushing attack, to take advantage. With that being said, it will be interesting to see how the Lions' offensive line plays with Taylor Decker already being ruled OUT.

Lions Defense vs. Seahawks Offense

One of the biggest storylines heading into today's game is that the Seahawks will be playing without BOTH of their starting offensive tackles. Do the Detroit Lions have a great defense at this point? No. But with that being said, I believe they will look pretty darn good on Sunday against Geno Smith and company. If the Lions can slow down the Seahawks' rushing attack, which I believe they will, then the Seahawks will struggle to surpass 20 points.

Oh, by the way, the REAL 12th Man will be at Ford Field today as the Lions' fans will blow the roof off the place, making it VERY difficult for Geno Smith to run the Seahawks offense. (Click Here for my 3 BOLD predictions for today's game)

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I do not see a scenario where the Lions lose against the Seahawks. The Lions' offense will be able to move the ball against the Seahawks' defense, and the Seahawks offense will struggle against the Lions' defense AND the Lions fans, who will force multiple delay of game penalties.

Detroit Lions 31 Seattle Seahawks 20

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Lions Offense vs. Seahawks Defense: While the Lions didn't have a scorching start in Week 1 against the Chiefs, they found their rhythm as Jared Goff settled down. The Seahawks' defense, with its weaknesses, provides an opportunity for the Lions' offense to exploit. Keep an eye on Goff and the rushing attack, although Taylor Decker's absence raises questions about the offensive line's performance.
  2. Lions Defense vs. Seahawks Offense: The Seahawks face a significant challenge as they enter the game without both starting offensive tackles. Although the Lions' defense may not be considered elite, they should perform well against Geno Smith and the Seahawks' offense. Slowing down Seattle's rushing attack will be crucial, and the presence of passionate Lions fans at Ford Field is sure to disrupt Smith's rhythm.
  3. Final Score Prediction: The Lions appear poised for victory in this matchup. Their offense is expected to exploit the Seahawks' defense, while the Lions' defense and enthusiastic fans could spell trouble for Seattle. A comfortable margin of victory is on the horizon, with a final score prediction favoring the Lions at 31-20.

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