Detroit Lions WR Tom Kennedy hurt at Training Camp

According to various reports, Tom Kennedy was hurt on Wednesday after making the catch of the day.

During Wednesday's Detroit Lions training camp practice, wide receiver Tom Kennedy reportedly made an impressive catch, earning the title of “catch of the day.” Unfortunately, the catch came at a cost, as Kennedy landed awkwardly on his arm/shoulder. While he managed to hold onto the ball, he was visibly shaken up and had to sit out the remainder of practice. The hope is that this is much-ado-about-nothing and Kennedy returns to practice on Thursday.

Tom Kennedy Detroit Lions

Why It Matters for Tom Kennedy and Detroit Lions

The Lions will certainly monitor Kennedy's condition to make sure he is 100% before he returns to practice. Despite being a long shot to make the 53-man roster, the team may consider placing him on the practice squad in case he is needed in the future.

Key Points

  • Kennedy was hurt during training camp after making an impressive catch.
  • He landed awkwardly on his arm/shoulder but managed to hold onto the ball.
  • Kennedy did not return to practice but stayed on the field with his teammates.
  • He is considered a long shot for the initial 53-man roster, but the Lions may keep him on the practice squad as a contingency plan.
Tom Kennedy Detroit Lions

Bottom Line – A Bump on the Road to Success

While Kennedy's “catch of the day” showcased his talent, if he is injured, it could impact his chances of securing a spot on the initial roster. The Lions' focus now shifts to supporting Kennedy's recovery and ensuring the team is well-prepared for the upcoming season. With all of that being said, hopefully, the Lions were just being extra cautious and Kennedy is back to practice on Thursday.