Detroit Pistons ‘determined’ to trade Killian Kayes

It sounds like the Detroit Pistons want to move Killian Hayes before the 2023-24 season tips off.

The Detroit Pistons are reportedly trying to make a move that could fundamentally alter their backcourt. As reported by veteran NBA writer Marc Stein, the Pistons seem to have set their sights on trading guard Killian Hayes, an action that signifies their determination to clear their backcourt logjam.

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Detroit Pistons ‘determined' to trade Killian Kayes

From Marc Stein:

“Recent trade talks between Detroit and Dallas, I’m told, were sparked by the Pistons’ determination to ease a backcourt logjam by trading Killian Hayes and gained little traction.

While the Mavericks are indeed among the teams with a longstanding interest in acquiring Detroit’s Bojan Bogdanović, their trade priority at this point of the offseason is still believed to be an upgrade at center. The Pistons have been seeking no less than a future first-round pick for Bogdanović for months.”

Why it Matters

While recent trade talks with the Dallas Mavericks did not gain the desired momentum, the Pistons' resolve to trade Hayes seems unwavering. The young guard, only 21, was the Pistons' No. 7 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. Despite his considerable talent and size, Hayes has struggled with efficiency and his contribution to the team's success remains questionable. The return of the Pistons' star point guard Cade Cunningham from injury and the acquisition of veteran Monte Morris further squeezes Hayes out of the picture, as his place in the roster looks increasingly precarious.

Key Points

  • The Detroit Pistons are resolved to trade guard Killian Hayes.
  • Initial trade talks with the Dallas Mavericks didn't progress as planned.
  • Hayes, while talented, has struggled with efficiency.
  • The return of Cade Cunningham and the addition of Monte Morris to the team puts Hayes' place in jeopardy.

Bottom Line – A Possible New Chapter in Pistons' Playbook

The Detroit Pistons seem all set to author a new chapter in their team dynamics with the potential trade of Killian Hayes. Although he possesses raw talent, his underperformance and inefficiency have placed him on shaky ground. The return of star point guard Cade Cunningham and the addition of Monte Morris make Hayes' future with the Pistons increasingly uncertain. As the Pistons strive to build a stronger and more effective backcourt, the exit of Hayes could indeed mark a new beginning. The saga of Hayes and the Pistons serves as a reminder that the wheel of fortune never stops turning in the game of basketball.


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