Detroit Pistons land Tim Hardaway Jr. in proposed trade with Dallas Mavericks

The Detroit Pistons would acquire an additional 1st Round pick in this proposed trade that would also send Tim Hardaway Jr. to the Motor City.

Detroit Pistons general manager Troy Weaver might not be finished shaping the team's roster for the upcoming 2023-24 season. A fictional trade proposal from Tyler Watts of The Smoking Cuban suggests a potential deal that would bring Tim Hardaway Jr., JaVale McGee, and a 2027 1st Round pick to the Pistons in exchange for Bojan Bogdanovic and Killian Hayes.

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Pistons land Tim Hardaway Jr. in proposed trade with Mavericks

While this trade is just fictional, it has sparked discussions about its potential impact on both teams involved, especially for the Dallas Mavericks, who would be making a bold move to strengthen their roster and keep Luka Doncic happy. Here is what Watts had to say about the potential trade, from a Mavericks perspective:

  • Tim Cato reported discussions between the Mavericks and Pistons about a potential deal involving Bojan Bogdanovic during summer league.
  • Players rumored to be involved in the trade were Tim Hardaway Jr., JaVale McGee, and Killian Hayes.
  • The sticking point in the trade was likely the draft compensation heading to Detroit. The Pistons wanted a first-round pick for Bogdanovic, but Dallas could only offer one completely unprotected.
  • Watts suggests that the Mavericks should make this trade and go all-in to keep Luka Doncic long-term, as the 24-year-old wants to win.
  • The trade would help Dallas in 2024 by acquiring both players they want off their roster and adding two capable rotation pieces.
  • Bogdanovic's addition would give the Mavericks a third scoring option who can defend multiple positions, space the floor, and make plays.
  • While there might be regret in four years when the first-round pick conveys, it could still be a late pick if Dallas retains Luka.
  • Watts encourages the Mavericks to bet on themselves, as the title race is wide open and getting Bojan Bogdanovic improves their chances in the Western Conference.

Key Points

  • A proposed fictional trade would send Tim Hardaway Jr., Javale McGee, and a 2027 1st Round pick to the Detroit Pistons.
  • In return, the Dallas Mavericks would acquire Bojan Bogdanovic and Killian Hayes.
  • The trade discussions were initially reported at the summer league, with draft compensation being a significant point of consideration.
  • The Mavericks view this trade as a crucial move to bolster their roster and enhance their chances of success in 2024.
  • Acquiring Bogdanovic would provide Dallas with a potent scoring option who excels on both ends of the court, pushing them closer to the top of the Western Conference.

Bottom Line – A Calculated Gamble

While the fictional trade presents an enticing opportunity for the Dallas Mavericks, it also involves an element of risk. The future impact of the 2027 1st Round pick must be weighed against the immediate benefits of acquiring Bojan Bogdanovic. Nonetheless, the Mavericks are willing to take the gamble as they aspire to compete at the highest level and aim for a top spot in the Western Conference.