Detroit Pistons land Donovan Mitchell in hypothetical trade

It sounds like Donovan Mitchell could be traded by the Utah Jazz and some have mentioned the Detroit Pistons as a destination.

Let me begin by saying that I don't think there is any chance that Detroit Pistons GM Troy Weaver will trade for Utah Jazz G Donovan Mitchell.

That being said, I have heard so many Twitter peeps bring it up that when I came across an article on Piston Powered titled, “Is Donovan Mitchell a ‘great fit’ for Detroit Pistons?” I had to click.

In the article, Stuart London did a very complete job of breaking down how Mitchell would fit with the Pistons and he even went as far as putting together a hypothetical trade that he believes would work for both teams.

How the Detroit Pistons could trade for Donovan Mitchell

In the article, London suggests the following trade that would send Donovan Mitchell to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for three players and three first-round picks.

As you can see below, the Pistons would get Mitchell in exchange for Kelly Olynyk, Saddiq Bey, Marvin Bagley III, and first-round picks from 2023 (protected 19-30), 2024 (protected 15-30), and a swap of 2027 first-round picks.

Donovan Mitchell

From Piston Powered:

This could easily morph into a three-team deal, with others like the 76ers (who would love to get their hands on a player like Olynyk), and aggressive teams like Dallas or the Miami Heat are always circling around, looking to add talent.

Adding Donovan Mitchell does fast-forward the time-line the Pistons will look to contend for a playoff spot. If not this season, definitely by 2023-24 Detroit will be expected to be moving up in the standings.

Nation, do you think there is any chance the Detroit Pistons trade for Donovan Mitchell? If so, do you think the hypothetical package listed above would be a fair deal?

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