Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores says ‘Change is Coming’

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores says ‘Change is Coming’.

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores says ‘Change is Coming’

The Detroit Pistons, following their 119-111 loss to a depleted Utah Jazz team, find themselves in a precarious position with a 2-26 record and on the brink of setting an unwanted NBA record for consecutive losses (They have lost 25 in a row, one short of the single-season record of 26). Owner Tom Gores, addressing the media and, by extension, the fans, has acknowledged the team's dire situation and the need for significant changes.

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What did Tom Gores Say?

Tom Gores’ address is a candid recognition of the Pistons' regression instead of the expected progress, indicating a readiness to reassess and reshape the franchise's direction and strategies.

“Firstly, I didn’t say there wouldn’t be any change,” Gores said via The Athletic. “We require change. We’re not doing well. As far as where we were going in getting this set of players and flexibility, I think the work is still there. We have to assess what’s not working. I’m down to Monty and I talking about rotations. I don’t normally do that. Monty is so good and knows what’s he doing, he’s open to even talking about it. We do have to change something. I can’t tell you what it exactly is.”

“We’re diving in pretty hard,” Gores continued. “We’re probably two weeks ahead of you guys. Our disappointment is catching up to us too. We expected a lot more. We have to be real and realize that there are things that haven’t been working with the makeup of the team. Sure, we should have won a few more games, but how many of those games? Three or four? Who knows what that number is. We’re not set up like the way we need to be set up.”

“I expect change,” Gores added. “I don’t think any narrative here at all should be that there’s no change. Change is coming. I’m just saying that in terms of Monty, Troy, all of that stuff … they will be in place, but I’m all over them. They’ll tell you that too. There’s a lot of accountability that needs to be held. There might be additions to staff and all of that stuff. What’s for sure is that change is coming. We’re not right, right now. We have to add and delete. We’re on it already. We will make changes. We will make them. We don’t know exactly what they’ll be yet.”

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Pistons' record stands at 2-26, nearing an NBA record for consecutive losses.
  2. Tom Gores acknowledges the team's struggles and promises changes.
  3. Pistons' situation demands a reassessment of team strategies and personnel.

The Bottom Line – A Future Forged in Realism and Resolve

The Detroit Pistons stand at a defining moment in their franchise history. Tom Gores' acknowledgment of the need for change is a step towards confronting the harsh realities facing the team. The road ahead will require tough decisions and strategic reevaluations, but with a clear-eyed understanding of the challenges and a determined commitment to improvement, the Pistons can embark on a path toward resurgence. This is a pivotal time for the franchise, where the actions taken in response to this crisis will shape the Pistons' future in the NBA.


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