Detroit Pistons PG Zavier Simpson explains lesson he learned from missing curfew

Zavier Simpson explained the lesson he learned after crashing Warde Manuel's wife's car into a pole during his final season at Michigan.

During his tenure at the University of Michigan, Detroit Pistons PG Zavier Simpson emerged as a formidable player, leading the Wolverines to remarkable achievements on the court, including multiple trips to the Sweet 16 and a tilt at the national championship. However, an off-the-court incident during his final season marred his otherwise sparkling resume. After a crushing loss to Illinois, Simpson missed his team's curfew. Later that night, he was caught speeding and ended up crashing a car, which belonged to the wife of Michigan's athletic director, Warde Manuel, into a pole.

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Detroit Pistons PG Zavier Simpson explains lesson he learned from missing curfew

Reflecting on the episode, Simpson chose not to dive into the details but stressed his desire to be remembered for his leadership and victories rather than this lapse in judgment.

“I just learned how to be in for curfew,” Simpson said. “I just follow the rules for curfew, a lot of things can be avoided. And just listen to the coach. There’s a mandated curfew, so that time is 10 o’clock. I should be in at 9:59 at the latest. 

“Sometimes in life you just have to be thankful. A lot of things could’ve happened in a different direction, but it didn’t by the grace of God. Just being able to look at that and be grateful. Grateful for myself, grateful for the team being able to have my back, grateful for the University of Michigan’s coaching staff and our athletic director Warde Manuel being able to have my back and just being there for me. But it goes back to just following the rules. But at the same time, grateful I’m here. That situation is in the past and I’m moving forward.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Zavier Simpson missed curfew, later crashing a car post an Illinois match.
  2. He initially misled the police, but later expressed gratitude for the support he received.
  3. Simpson stresses the importance of adhering to team rules and moving past mistakes.

Bottom Line – Every Second Counts

While the clock ticks differently on and off the court, every second holds value in shaping an individual's life and legacy. Zavier Simpson's ordeal and subsequent reflection demonstrate not only the importance of accountability but also the power of redemption and growth. As Simpson embarks on his journey with the Detroit Pistons, he carries with him a lesson that extends beyond the basketball court – the significance of responsibility, gratitude, and the ability to rebound from setbacks.