Detroit Tigers 1B Spencer Torkelson reveals secret to his success in 2023

Detroit Tigers 1B Spencer Torkelson reveals secret to his success in 2023: Tork made some big shifts after a tough 2022 campaign.

Detroit Tigers 1B Spencer Torkelson reveals secret to his success in 2023

After a difficult 2022 season, Detroit Tigers 1B Spencer Torkelson knew he had to make some changes in how he approaches things each and every at-bat. One thing that Torkelson did was he refused to look at his results on the scoreboard for most of the 2023 season.

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Process over Results

Instead of focusing on his stats, Torkelson focused on the process.

“The biggest thing in the process is getting away from results,” said Torkelson. “As soon as you separate yourself from the results, it's amazing the weight that's lifted off your shoulders. Throughout the year, I felt the pressure of not having a result, and then I snapped out of it by thinking about what I can control.”

Focusing on the Mental Side of Things

In addition, during the offseason heading into 2023, Torkelson also spent time working on the mental side of things. One thing that he did to do this was to meet with a mental performance coach every single week, where he learned to trick his brain by using positive thoughts to offset negative thoughts.

“I realized that's completely normal,” Torkelson said. “It's just about how you counteract it. Sometimes, you don't believe in yourself. That's just your brain trying to defend you. It's kind of messed up, but that's the way the brain is wired.”

Reflecting on EVERY at-bat

Another change Torkelson made in 2023 is that he reflected on each and every at-bat, asking himself three question each time. Those question are: “What did I do well? What could I have done better? What can I do to make things better next at-bat?”

“You always have to find something you did well because your brain listens to you,” Torkelson said. “You're going to look back after an 0-for-4 game, and you're going to have at least four things that you did well. The 0-for-4 would tell you that you did zero things well, but find something positive to build on, and then find the negative of the day and learn from that.”

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Why it Matters

After a very difficult 2022 season, Torkelson bounced back by hitting 31 home runs in 2023. Moving forward, the Tigers need Tork to produce offensively on a consistent basis. By implementing the strategies he has, there is no question about it that he is doing whatever he can to make that happen.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Process Over Results: Spencer Torkelson's secret to success in the 2023 season revolves around a shift in focus. Instead of fixating on his statistics and the scoreboard, he concentrated on perfecting his approach at each at-bat. This mental shift allowed him to play with less pressure, enabling his performance to improve.
  2. Mental Conditioning: Torkelson recognized the significance of mental conditioning and took proactive steps to enhance his mental game. Meeting with a mental performance coach regularly, he learned techniques to counteract negative thoughts with positive ones, ultimately strengthening his mental resilience.
  3. Continuous Self-Reflection: In 2023, Torkelson introduced a routine of post-at-bat reflection, consistently asking himself three key questions: “What did I do well? What could I have done better? What can I do to make things better next at-bat?” This reflective process, aimed at extracting positive aspects from every situation, has contributed to his offensive prowess.

Bottom Line: A Star In The Making

Spencer Torkelson's transformation in the 2023 season demonstrates his commitment to improving as a player. By shifting his focus, investing in mental conditioning, and engaging in continuous self-reflection, he rebounded from a challenging 2022 season and proved himself as a valuable asset to the Detroit Tigers' offensive lineup.