Detroit Tigers GM Al Avila has message for the fans

In 2019, the Detroit Tigers were an absolute embarrassment as they finished dead-last in Major League Baseball.

Moving forward, the hope is that the Tigers will continue to rebuild and eventually get back to a place where they are contending for a World Series.

The only problem is, the man leading the rebuild is Tigers general manager Al Avila.

Up to this point, Avila has made poor move after poor move and it seems like it could take quite a while before the Tigers are anywhere near contending.

On Wednesday, Avila said the Tigers have decided on the player they will select with the first pick of Thursday's Rule 5 draft.

“This year, it'll probably be somebody that can contribute.”

Avila added a message to the fans that he would, “love to make everybody happy. But unfortunately this process, it is what it is and we have to see it through. I have to stay focused and not let the negative vibes affect one's thinking. Because it could. I've seen it happen.”

Nation, do you trust Avila to see this process through?


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