Detroit Tigers legend Lou Whitaker gets screwed AGAIN by Baseball Hall of Fame!

Detroit Tigers legend Lou Whitaker just got screwed AGAIN by the Baseball Hall of Fame, and it is starting to get really old. On Monday, the contemporary baseball era committee voted, and Whitaker is not among the eight players who made the ballot to be elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Dec. 4. at the Baseball Winter Meetings. Any of the eight candidates who receive a vote on 75 percent of the ballots will earn election to the Hall of Fame. The ballots will be cast by the 16-member Contemporary Baseball Era Players Committee.

Lou Whitaker Detroit Tigers

Who made it onto the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot ahead of Lou Whitaker?

Whitaker did not make the cut, but the following eight players are on the ballot:

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Albert Belle

Barry Bonds

Roger Clemens

Don Mattingly

Fred McGriff

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Dale Murphy

Rafael Palmeiro

Curt Schilling

When is Whitaker's next chance to get in?

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Whitaker will now have to wait until 2025 before he gets another shot at the Hall of Fame, as that is the next time the Contemporary Baseball Era Players Committee will vote.

Until then, Tigers' fans, and anyone with a brain, will just have to know in their heart that Whitaker is worthy of a Hall of Fame nod.

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