Detroit Tigers mourn death of Jim Price

Detroit Tigers World Series Champion and broadcaster Jim Price has passed away. May he rest in peace.

The baseball community has been struck by the sadness of the passing of Jim Price, former World Series Champion, and long-standing Detroit Tigers radio analyst. Price reportedly passed away on Monday at 81 years old.

Jim Price Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers mourn death of Jim Price

Chris Ilitch, the Tigers' Chairman and CEO, expressed deep condolences, highlighting Price's loyalty to the Tigers and Detroit city throughout his lifetime.

“All of us with the Detroit Tigers are deeply saddened to learn of Jim Price’s passing,” said Tigers Chairman and CEO, Chris Ilitch. “Jim was a champion on the field, in the broadcast booth, and throughout the community. That Jim was with the organization for much of his life, doing what he loved, is such a powerful sign of his dedication and loyalty to the Tigers and the city of Detroit. Those are among the many reasons Jim was one of my mother and father’s favorite people, and they had such a strong relationship for many years. The thoughts of my family, and everyone across baseball, are with Jim’s wife, Lisa, and the entire Price family.”

Price's commitment to the Tigers began in 1967, playing an instrumental role in the team's 1968 World Series Championship win. Beyond his impressive career on the field, Price was a beloved figure in the broadcast booth, sharing his insights alongside Frank Beckmann, Ernie Harwell, and Dan Dickerson.

Dan Dickerson says Price will be missed

Dan Dickerson, who shared the booth with Price for 24 seasons, remembered his good friend.

“This is such sad news,” Dickerson said. “Jim and I were together for 24 seasons, and experienced both ends of the spectrum with our beloved Tigers – from a tough season in the first year after Ernie retired, to two trips to the World Series. Jim helped get me through that first season, which made what happened three years later all the sweeter. 

“My favorite memories working with Jim were the days when Al Kaline would stop in the booth – and I’d get to hear them tell stories, swap some tall tales, just make each other laugh about something from the past, or current day. The ’68 team was my team – the team that got me hooked on baseball, and I loved hearing all about the wildly different personalities that made up that team. And learning about things like the origins of Jim’s famous “Yellowhammer” – his colorful description of a good breaking ball. Jim said it came from teammate Pat Dobson and was named after a bird. So one day, we looked it up – and sure enough, a Yellowhammer is a bird that is known for its ability to sharply dart down and away, just like a good curveball. We both got such a kick out of discovering that, and it always added to the moment whenever Jim would break it out – and then we could share a laugh, knowing the history behind the word. “Buggywhip”, “Qualify the speed of the runner”, “Cut the pie” – “Yellowhammer” – these folksy “Jim-isms” were what made him such a fan favorite. As well as the way he connected us to the past, and to one of the greatest teams (he always said “the greatest”) in franchise history. Every time I see a good curveball, I can’t help but think of Jim. I’m sure he won’t mind if I break out the occasional Yellowhammer when I do. He will be missed.”

Detroit Tigers Opening Day Jim Price

Key Points

  • Jim Price has passed away at the age of 81
  • Chris Ilitch sends his condolences
  • Dan Dickerson says his former broadcast partner and good friend will be missed

Bottom Line – A Final Tip of the Cap to Jim Price

While we mourn the loss of Jim Price, we celebrate his life and contributions to the Detroit Tigers and to baseball as a whole. Price's legacy as a player, analyst, and ambassador of the sport will continue to inspire future generations of Tigers and baseball enthusiasts. His life reminds us of the magic of baseball, the bonds it creates, and its power to leave a lasting impact long after the final pitch is thrown. Here's to Jim Price, a true Tiger through and through. His roar will echo in the hearts of the baseball community forever.


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