Did Matt Patricia just drop a hint about his future with the Detroit Lions?

“There’s two kinds of coaches, right?” Houston Texans head coach Romeo Crennel said on Tuesday when discussing Detroit Lions head coach, Matt Patricia. “There are those that have been fired and there’s those that are going to get fired.”

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Well, Patricia has not yet fallen into the “those that have been fired” category but all signs are pointing to him joining that club very soon.

On Thanksgiving Day, Crennel and his Texans may have put the final dagger into Patricia as they embarrassed the Lions on their home field by a score of 41-25. Had fans been allowed in the stands on Thursday, they very well may have stormed the field to get rid of Patricia on their own.

Following the game, Patricia spoke to the media and while doing so, he may have hinted at his future with the Lions.

As noted by Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Patricia, who is a very private person, took the time to thank his wife and family for all they do, which was similar to what Jim Caldwell did during the final weeks of his time as head coach of the Lions.

From Detroit Free Press:

Matt Patricia is a private man, especially when it comes to his family, but when he started off his postgame news conference Thursday by thanking his wife for all she does “behind the scenes” and saying how “appreciative” he is for his family, it was reminiscent of the final weeks of Jim Caldwell’s tenure as Detroit Lions coach, when he often had his grandkids in tow.

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As usual at his pressers, Patricia was asked to comment on his job security with the Lions but also, as usual, he was not willing to give any insight into what he is thinking.

“It’s the same as always for me,” Patricia said. “My focus every day is on the guys in that locker room and working as hard as I can to help those guys be successful. It’s really not outside of that. I don’t think outside of that, I don’t worry outside of that other than just trying to do the best job I can every day to help everybody be successful and try to get our team going. So other than that, we play pretty short term and are pretty focused on the task at hand. So that’s kind of where we stay with it.”

Whether or not Patricia thanking his wife and family has anything to do with his future with the Lions, there is little doubt that he he won’t be coaching the team in 2021.

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