Dominik Hasek and Slava Fetisov Have War of Words

A little friendly fire between former Detroit Red Wings Dominik Hasek and Slava Fetisov.

Former Detroit Red Wings stars, Dominik Hasek and Slava Fetisov, both celebrated for their numerous Stanley Cup victories and induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame, find themselves on opposing sides when it comes to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Hasek and Fetisov's disagreement on the topic resulted in a bit of a war of words.

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Dominik Hasek and Slava Fetisov Have War of Words

Recently, Hasek had the opportunity to address the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, advocating for Russian athletes to be granted asylum in other nations if they openly condemn their country's actions in the war. His stance comes from a place of concern for the safety of these athletes, as he believes that publicly denouncing the war may lead to severe consequences for them in Russia.

“In the current situation, every Russian athlete is an advertisement for the Russian war,” Czech website is reporting Hasek telling journalists following his address. “It doesn’t matter at all if he internally disagrees with it, or on the contrary supports (Russian leader Vladimir) Putin.”

“We know very well that any Russian who condemns the war and Putin’s actions will not only be bullied but will probably go to court and be convicted,” Hasek added.

In contrast, Fetisov, currently serving as a deputy of the Russian State Douma, staunchly defends Russian President Vladimir Putin and the military action against Ukraine. He criticized Hasek's position by pointing out the goalie's past stint playing for Moscow Spartak in the KHL, questioning why Hasek denies others the opportunity to play and earn money while he himself once benefited from the Russian league.

“Dominik himself played with us, if I’m not mistaken, and he received a good salary for this,” Fetisov told Why does he deny others the opportunity to play and earn money It’s kind of nonsense. Let him return the money he earned here, then everything will be fair.”

Key Points

  • Dominik Hasek suggests offering asylum to Russian athletes who condemn the Russia-Ukraine war.
  • Hasek emphasizes the safety concerns for athletes who oppose the war within Russia.
  • Viachelsav Fetisov, a Russian State Douma deputy, defends Putin's actions and Russia's military intervention in Ukraine.
  • Fetisov points out Hasek's past KHL stint in Moscow, questioning his stance on denying others opportunities.
  • The clash represents two legendary former Detroit Red Wings players with opposing views on the conflict.
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Bottom Line – A Game of Words

The war of words between Dominik Hasek and Viachelsav Fetisov demonstrates that even beyond the ice rink, hockey legends can engage in passionate debates on contentious global issues. Their differing views on the Russia-Ukraine conflict highlight the complexity of the situation and the divergent perspectives held by individuals, regardless of their shared sporting history. As these former Red Wings stars exchange verbal salvos, the world witnesses how far-reaching political events can stir emotions and ignite discussions across unexpected arenas.


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