Eduardo Rodriguez Trade: Detroit Tigers Have 3 Options 

Which one of these 3 options would you choose regarding Detroit Tigers SP Eduardo Rodriguez?

We are just days away from the 2023 Major League Baseball Trade Deadline, and as it stands, Eduardo Rodriguez is still a member of our Detroit Tigers. With that being said, there are a lot of dominoes that will fall between now and Aug. 1, and Rodriguez could be one of them. Earlier today, Evan Petzold of the Detroit Free Press laid out the three options the Tigers have when it comes to Rodriguez.

Eduardo Rodriguez Detroit Tigers Garrett Hill Trade deadline

Eduardo Rodriguez Trade: Detroit Tigers Have 3 Options

Here are the three options listed by Petzold, along with a bullet point summary of each. Please click here to read his entire article, which is very informative.

Option 1: Trade him for lesser value

  • Rodriguez's trade value is decreased by an opt-out clause, making him a high-risk short-term acquisition.
  • His value is comparatively less than a true rental player like teammate Michael Lorenzen.
  • If Rodriguez performs well, he'll opt for free agency, but a serious injury means he could remain, cashing his remaining $49 million contract.
  • The acquiring team assumes all risks with minimal long-term benefits, affecting his trade value.
  • The Tigers may have to bundle Rodriguez with a controllable young player to secure a fair trade deal.

Option 2: Keep him and let him walk

  • Retaining Rodriguez could be a poor choice for the Tigers given the high demand and low supply for starting pitchers.
  • While a trade might not yield the ideal return for the Tigers, they will still gain something.
  • Holding onto Rodriguez might lead to him leaving post-2023 unless the Tigers increase his $16.3 million average annual value.
  • Rodriguez is likely to get a larger payday in free agency, further diminishing the chances of him returning to the Tigers.

Option 3: Negotiate new contract

  • Rodriguez enjoys his role as a pitcher for the Tigers, and the team values his on-field performance and mentorship of young pitchers.
  • Formal negotiations for restructuring Rodriguez's contract have not occurred, but changes may happen before the upcoming trade deadline.
  • Rodriguez is slated to start for the Tigers against the Pittsburgh Pirates post-deadline, adding another layer of complexity to the situation.
Eduardo Rodriguez Detroit Tigers

Key Points

  • The MLB Trade Deadline is just days away
  • Evan Petzold has laid out 3 options for the Tigers when it comes to Eduardo Rodriguez
  • Option 1: Trade Rodriguez for lesser value due to his opt-out clause, taking on the risks and potentially packaging him with a young, controllable player to secure a fair deal.
  • Option 2: Retain Rodriguez, which may not be ideal due to the market dynamics and his potential departure after 2023 unless the Tigers increase his annual average value.
  • Option 3: Negotiate a new contract with Rodriguez, who appreciates his role in the Tigers and brings value through his performance and mentorship, despite the complexity added by the imminent trade deadline and his upcoming game.

Bottom Line: Time Will Tell

At one point, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Tigers would trade Eduardo Rodriguez to the highest bidder, but that may or may not be the case. One thing is for sure, the Tigers are very likely to either trade Rodriguez, even though they probably will not get great value, or they will re-sign him to a mega-deal. It is going to be very interesting to see what Tigers president of baseball operations Scott Harris decides to do.