LOOK: English soccer team vandalizes own coach by mistake

Soccer fans are well renowned for their passion for the clubs they support. There have been many documented cases of English Premier fans taking things to another level to show their fandom for their team. One such fan base of Crystal Palace FC decided to use vandalism to express their support.

Hilariously enough, the fans didn’t anticipate the ones they were vandalizing were the ones they rooted for.

According to an ESPNFC report:

Fans spraypainted the words “Crystal Palace FC” on the side of the vehicle while it was parked outside a nearby hotel on Friday.

But the coach was Palace’s, and those responsible for attacking it may have been confused by the fact that the players were staying at a hotel often used by away teams visiting Selhurst Park.

News of the vandalism was reportedly tweeted by Palace assistant head groundsman Dean Waters, who later hid tweet that read: “£40,000 worth of damage on our coach thinking it was the Boro coach. Nice one! #cpfc.”

Below are a few images of the act:

Written by Dylan Bair

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