ESPN destroys Michigan State football in All-Time College Football Playoff rankings

    The 2022 College Football regular season is a wrap, the conference championship games are a wrap, and the four teams that will play in the College Football Playoff have been announced. One of those teams is not Michigan State Football, which had a very disappointing season after finishing with 11 wins in 2021. In a recent article published on, Bill Connely ranks all 36 of the teams that have made the College Football Playoff since its inception. Let's just say the Spartans did not get any love.

    Michigan State Football

    What did ESPN say about Michigan State Football?

    The 2015 MSU team qualified for the College Football Playoff after they defeated Iowa in the Big Ten Championship Game. Unfortunately, the Spartans got their doors blown off by an amazing Alabama team in the semifinals.

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    “Mark Dantonio's 2015 Spartans are definitive proof that no matter what the committee says, it is picking the four “most deserving” teams rather than the “best” — MSU was definitively the former and in no way the latter. And that's fine! The Spartans finished 18th in FPI and 20th in SP+ but beat a dynamite Ohio State team and outlasted unbeaten Iowa to win the Big Ten. Then they did exactly what was expected of them against Alabama in the Cotton Bowl: They lost big.”


    Nation, where would you rank the 2015 Michigan State football team among the 36 teams to get into the College Football Playoff?

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    1. Just another sportswriter/host that screams orgasmically and loses it every time that team down south even scores a first down.

      Hey. What bowl did the Weasels play in 2015????

      Tell me oh great sports lord guru…what is UofMs bowl record for the last 20 years?? 4-13 with 3 years not making a bowl. What is MSUs? 7-7 with 6 years not making a bowl.

      What’s the difference in the 3 years not making a bowl? At large bowls. What is UofMs record for them…all loses.

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