ESPN throws shade at Detroit Lions in ‘Future Power Rankings’

Many people around these parts believe the Detroit Lions are going to get better and better moving forward. ESPN does not agree.

When some look at the Detroit Lions‘ record from the 2021 regular season, they see 3-13-1 and automatically assume they are a team that is going nowhere.

But for those of us who follow the Lions VERY closely, we saw a team in 2021 that improved as the season went on, including going 3-3 in their final six games under new head coach, Dan Campbell.

With training camp being just over a week away (rookies actually report in four days and veterans in seven), there is plenty of excitement building in regards to the Lions and most seem to believe that they will at least double their win total from a year ago and that the future is very bright.

ESPN throws shade at Detroit Lions in ‘Future Power Rankings'

Well, ESPN clearly does not believe that the Detroit Lions' future is very bright at all.

On Wednesday, multiple contributed at ESPN released their “NFL Future Power Rankings 2022: Projections for all 32 teams for the next three seasons” and the Lions came in at No. 28!

Here is what the ESPN writers had to say about the Lions over the next three seasons. As you can see below, a lot of the No. 28 ranking has to do with the writers not believing (at all) in Jared Goff.

From ESPN:

28. Detroit Lions
Overall score: 73.0

Why they're here: The Lions are generating some buzz heading into the 2022 season after a stellar offseason that included landed two prized additions in the draft: pass-rusher Aidan Hutchinson and receiver Jameson Williams. The team also played incredibly hard despite often being overmatched last season, suggesting the culture set by coach Dan Campbell is already translating. The lever for this franchise will be the QB position: Can Jared Goff be a proverbial rising tide, or is he a holdover until the team is able to add a young quarterback of the future? — Yates

Biggest worry: I'm going with the latter; the long-term quarterback answer is not on the roster. Until they find better than Goff, the Lions will be lacking at the most important position relative to every other team in their division. — Riddick

What could change for the better: Do what your roster moves suggest you'll do — go big for a QB in the 2023 draft or trade pool. The Lions eschewed this year's passers to bolster the rest of the roster. Improving the roster offers flexibility. Plenty of top passers will be available in the first round, or the Lions can sell a trade partner on how Detroit is built to win now, coming off two years of pain. — Fowler

Stat to know: The Lions threw short of the sticks 65% of the time last season, higher than any other team by a mile (the Panthers were next at 54%). Getting more aggressive in that department will be one of many areas needed to turn this team around. — Walder

Nation, how do you feel about the Detroit Lions over the next three seasons?