Fans of the 0-6 Detroit Lions have mixed reaction to latest loss

The Detroit Lions may have hit rock bottom with their embarrassing performance at Ford Field this afternoon, dropping a 34-11 decision to the Cincinnati Bengals to drop to 0-6 in 2021.

Detroit’s offense managed only 228 yards, while also going only 5-of-14 on third downs.

Of course, the reaction from Lions fans was swift on social media – though it wasn’t all doom and gloom, as plenty realize that the poor record only increases the chances of a high draft selection.

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  1. The Detroit Lions need a change of image. Their mascot is the king of beasts yet the depiction of the animal they have chosen is a little blue pussy cat. Get with it and put a nasty-looking lion’s head with some big teeth on your helmets that stands for the aggressive nature of the animal you have picked to represent the team. We are tired of looking at that little blue kitten on their helmets while the Lions keep failing to win anything but a draft choice. It’s time for an upgrade, ditch the little blue cat, and look “MEAN” for a change. I’ve been asking for this change for 20 years. Remember Bobby Lane! He’s the only good memory we have since the mid-1950s. The Lions have been and are the worst team in the league because the people in charge don’t understand basic football!


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