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Fantasy Football 2022: 5 Frustrating Players This

Fantasy Football Frustrations At The third 

Hello, everybody, and welcome back to fantasy football from the Fantasy Factory. This week after a week of hiatus, we are a third through the fantasy football season. We are not doing stocks, and we are not selling or buying, or holding with these guys. We are just raging out. I am so frustrated with the guys, the five guys that we’re going to be talking about today.

I almost said six. I’m just in such a rage. We have to be like Philip Rivers. We have to get. I know many people’s seasons have been like this, and we will go through and walk through these guys who have just been frustrated. It’s going to be a lethargic experience for everybody. We’re just going to rage out together, and we’re going to start with this dude Kyle Pitts.

What the hell, man? Last year, Kyle Pitts was a top-five, top-10 receiver, especially in PPR. I say receiver. He was a tight end, but he acted like a receiver for the love of Christ. But no, no, no. Of course, Kyle Pitts, as you can see with the games, I can’t even use the right hand, and so I’m so angry. Just look at this. Look at this output.

It’s pathetic for a guy that everybody had, at least as a tight end. In the range of 4, 5, 6, or something like that. If you were to tell me that Gerald Everett would be a more viable tight end for fantasy. Then Kyle Pitts. I’d say, Dude, screw off. But look at what has happened with this guy. Everybody who drafted him, including me in one of my four leagues, I feel for everybody here.

Kyle Pitts a definite disappointment. Very frustrating. Drake London. We’re going with Falcons one and two here because the Falcons should have both of these guys blown up. And even more frustrating than what has happened with Kyle Pitts. Look at what Drake London was doing at the beginning. Of the year, he’s shown he is capable of being a phenomenal rookie wide receiver, but over the last few weeks, for whatever reason, the minute that somehow when Cordarrelle Patterson goes down, Drake London’s fantasy impact goes down too. That makes no goddamn sense.

What the hell was that? I’m frustrated because I had Drake London in my leagues as well. I went on with Falcons and, like, oh my God. So frustrating. He is a guy for many people who have been drafted really high, his percentages for ownership are obviously very high as well. It’s not even that he does bad, whereas, with Kyle Pitts, Drake London is just, I don’t understand really what’s going on there.

With Aaron Jones, we know what’s going on. Matt Lafleur wants this team not to be what it is. It is a power team. You should be running the ball. The fact that Aaron Jones is as phenomenal as he is is getting such low amounts of touches here. That is frustrating, and that is the personification of it.

Because he hasn’t been bad. It’s like Drake London. Drake London wasn’t terrible. It’s just that his last few weeks have been subpar. And especially for Aaron Jones being as phenomenal as everyone knows he is. For the love of God. Matt Lafleur, Give Aaron Jones the ball, man. Help us out here. It’s so frustrating.

Aaron Jones is. Definitely, I’d say out of these five, the most frustrating one so far. Trevor Lawrence is another one. Man. I got burned this week. I did not play him. I thought against the Colts that he would have a downtick, but instead, he decides to go out and gimme 24. But then the week before and the week before that, I mean this up-down thing for a while, there was looking like Doug Peterson, and he was going to get a comeback player of the year, a coach of the year.

It was looking like the Jags really had something. Now they’ve kind of teetered and leveled off again, which is really sad. And Trevor Lawrence has been fine. But there are a lot better quarterbacks out there. The fact that you have more consistency coming from some real subpart like Derek Car being more consistent than Trevor Lawrence is not the number one overall pick you would expect out of him.

For fantasy football, Trevor Lawrence has been absolutely frustrating. And then lastly, and this is a guide that I had, hold on, but it’s just how the Bengals’ offense has been. It’s been so odd. Why is Joe Mixon not getting the touches? It’s like Aaron Jones. Why is he not getting the touches?

fantasy football

He had a 5.6-yard-per-carry average over his last two games, but for whatever reason, he has spent getting the touches, which is surprising with the amount. Impact that he had last year in that offense. I know that teams are playing safeties higher up to get rid of the long game that the Bengals really were able to exploit.

But does that mean that all of a sudden, we’re going to just take the ball out of Joe Mixon’s hands? The more frustrating part, he’s getting a very high amount of impact compared to Samaje Perine. He has an 80%; I believe it was a snap count. I don’t get it. I don’t understand this one. Joe Mixon is absolutely a frustrating player as well.

That runs through our five. Again, they are just the most frustrating guys in the world here. We got Kyle Pitts, a tight end, which should be at least a tight end. Five, and instead, I don’t even know what he’s doing at this point. And he’s been awful. Drake London had a great start to the year, but it really petered off.

And it seems like Cordarrelle Patterson being out has somehow made his impact less. I don’t get how that works precisely unless all of his catches were off of play-action, which I doubt. Aaron Jones though is the most frustrating out of the five. I’m going to say Matt LaFleur refuses to give this dude the ball for whatever reason.

Aaron Jones is absolutely capable of 20 points if he gets the involvement in the offense. And Green Bay, for whatever reason, doesn’t seem willing to do so. Trevor Lawrence has been up and down. He looked like he would have a career resurgence after just the most toxic year with urban. With Doug Peterson, you’d think he would wind up blowing up, and he did phenomenally last week, but can we trust this guy?

I don’t know. He’s been a bit frustrating for me. And last, certainly not least, the whole candidate that I had, Joe Mixon. It just seems like he, even though he’s getting the, in terms of backfield, 80%, 75% involvement in the game, it just seems like Joe Mixon is having a bit of an off, as is the Cincinnati Bengals offense in general.

If they’re able to churn up for whatever reason, though, Joe Mixon will just blow up. But for now, He’s been a really frustrating candidate to start the year. Those are our five. This has been the fantasy factory. Instead of stocks, we have had absolute frustration. I could subscribe if you rage out like my man is filling me.

This video, this fantasy football content. We have more coming out for you on the Fantasy Factory. Stick around, folks. Thank you very much, and have a great week.

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