Former coach Brendan Malone breaks down “The Jordan Rules”

The Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls formed a legendary rivalry in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Known as the “Bad Boys”, the Pistons’ hard nosed and physical style of defense powered them to three straight trips to the NBA Finals and two straight titles.

Of course, they battled Michael Jordan and the Bulls four straight years in the NBA postseason, during which their style of stifling defense on Jordan became known as “The Jordan Rules”.

Former Pistons coach Brendan Malone broke down exactly what “The Jordan Rules” entailed:

– “On the wings, we’re going to push him to the elbow. And we’re not going to let him drive to the baseline.
– “When he’s on top, we’re going to influence him to his left.”
– “When he got the ball in the low post, we’re going to trap him from the top.”

Here’s how Dennis Rodman described them:

“Chuck Daly said this is the Jordan Rule: Every time he go to the f—ing basket, put him on the ground. When he goes to the basket, he ain’t gonna dunk. We’re gonna hit you and you’re gonna be on the ground. We were trying to physically hurt Michael.”

– – Quotes via Austin Anderson of The Sporting News Link – –

Written by Michael Whitaker

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