Former Detroit Red Wing takes shot at Yankees cheap shot artist Gary Sanchez following Comerica brawl

There is no question about it, Thursday’s game between the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees was one of the craziest baseball games of all-time. When all was said and done, the benches cleared on three separate occasions and there was a total of eight ejections.

During what turned out to look more like a WWE Royal Rumble than a baseball game, something happened that should NEVER happen, not in sports, and certainly not in life.

While the fighting was going on, rather than standing toe-to-toe with one of the Tigers players, Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez decided to take a couple of uncalled for cheap shots.

The first came when Sanchez (No. 24 in the video below) sucker punched Miguel Cabrera while he was in no position to defend himself.

But the cheap shot artist was not done yet. Watch as Sanchez once again takes a swing at a Tiger who was already down on the ground, this time it was Nick Castellanos who took the shot.

As you can imagine, Twitter absolutely exploded following the cheap shots with just about everyone jumping on Sanchez for his egregious acts.

One person to tweet his thoughts was former Detroit Red Wing, Aaron Ward, who was responding to a tweet from Detroit News writer, Bob Wojnowski.

“Gary Sanchez stopped punching people yet? If he’s still in Detroit, people fair warning don’t turn you back or bend down to tie your shoes.” Ward tweeted.

When Major League Baseball hands down suspensions for what happened on Thursday at Comerica Park, Sanchez had better be at the top of the list with the longest of them all.

Written by Don Drysdale

I am a fan of all Detroit sports and LOVE to write about them!

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