Former NFL All-Pro believes Matthew Stafford is done with Detroit Lions

Is Matthew Stafford heading into his final four games as quarterback of the Detroit Lions?

That is one of the biggest questions the Lions' new head coach and general manager will have to decide on once they are hired.

Some believe a new GM and head coach would want to start from scratch, which means the Lions would attempt to trade Stafford to the highest bidder. That being said, others think Stafford is one of the only reasons anyone would want to come to the Lions in the first place and that he is more likely to get a contract extension than he is to be shipped out of town.

One person who thinks Stafford is done with the Lions is former NFL All-Pro LB Takeo Spikes.

Spikes recently joined Mike Stone and Jon Jansen on The Stoney and Jansen Show on 97.1 The Ticket and he said he believes Stafford will be playing elsewhere in 2021.

“I personally like Matt Stafford, played against him several times. I don’t think he will be back,” Spikes told the Stoney & Jansen Show. “You're going to have a new head coach, you’re going to have a new GM, and it’s important for those guys to be on the same page.”

“And I don’t say that meaning he can’t play anymore,” Spikes said. “If I’m Matthew Stafford, I would want to finish (strong) these last four games of the year, because there’s plenty of teams out there — several teams — yeah, they can talk about all of the young QB’s coming out in the draft, but there’s no guarantee.

“So why not go and get somebody who is already under contract? And if you make a trade, you can still fall under certain parameters to where your quarterback isn't the highest-paid quarterback in the league and he’s not draining your salary cap.”

Spikes added that how Stafford performs over his final four games of the season will play a big factor for both him and for the Lions.

“They remember what you do in December,” Spikes said. “I think this time is vitally important for Matthew Stafford, just as important as it is to the Detroit Lions.”

Nation, where do you think Stafford will be playing in 2021?