Former Ohio State QB Kyle McCord reportedly decides on transfer destination

Former Ohio State QB Kyle McCord reportedly decides on transfer destination.

Former Ohio State QB Kyle McCord reportedly decides on transfer destination

According to a report from, former Ohio State quarterback Kyle McCord is reportedly set to commit to Syracuse, marking a major win for their new head coach, Fran Brown. McCord, a former five-star recruit and Top 25 prospect in the 2021 signing class, brings not only his high-caliber skills but also a wealth of experience to Syracuse. Initially expected to commit to Nebraska following a campus visit, McCord shifted his focus to Syracuse after a subsequent visit, leading to his decision.

Ohio State QB Kyle McCord

Why it Matters

While at Ohio State, McCord showcased his abilities, completing 66.5% of his passes for 3,170 yards, with 24 touchdowns and six interceptions in the 2023 regular season. As he moves to Syracuse with one year of eligibility remaining, McCord's transfer is poised to significantly impact Syracuse's offensive strategy and overall performance in the upcoming season.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Significant Shift in Athletic Environment: Kyle McCord's move from a football-centric school like Ohio State to a university known more for its basketball achievements, Syracuse, represents a considerable change in the sports environment.
  2. Potential Downgrade in Football Prestige: For McCord, a highly-touted quarterback prospect, transferring to Syracuse can be perceived as a step down in terms of football prestige and competition. Ohio State is renowned for its elite football program, intense competitiveness, and national prominence, aspects that Syracuse's football program may not match.
  3. Reflects the Challenges in College Athletics: This move highlights the unpredictable nature and challenges within college sports.
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The Bottom Line – What A Come Down For McCord

Transferring from the football powerhouse of Ohio State to a university known predominantly for its basketball prowess like Syracuse represents a significant shift for Kyle McCord, once regarded as one of the nation's top quarterback prospects. This move could be seen as a step down from the high-profile, intensely competitive football environment of Ohio State, where the stakes, spotlight, and resources are amongst the highest in college football.