Grocery list of missed calls favoring the Packers gets longer

By now, everybody and their mother knows about the horrendous officiating that had a direct hand in giving the Green Bay Packers a big Monday night win over the Detroit Lions.

And now, they can add another gaffe to the list.

Lions punt returner Jamal Agnew allowed the ball to drop and bounce towards his end zone despite being in position for a fair catch; the Lions lost eight yards of field position as a result.

But it turns out, Agnew had a specific reason for not catching the ball.

“Yeah, it hit the wire — the camera wire,” Agnew said. “I didn’t know if there was a rule or anything.”

Right you are, Jamal. The rulebook calls for the play to be blown dead and the down replayed at the previous spot if the ball hits the scoreboard, guide wire, Skycam or any other object.

“Learn something new every day,” Agnew stated.

Another call that the officials missed that ended up hurting the Lions. What are the odds?