Herm Edwards explains how Detroit Lions can win NFC North

Former NFL head coach Herm Edwards emphasizes that the Detroit Lions need to demonstrate their ability to halt opponents' running game and showcase defensive improvements before they can realistically vie for the NFC North division title. The Lions' last division win dates back to 1993, when it was the NFC Central. Edwards cautions against buying into offseason hype and believes that the team's head coach will instill a grounded mentality.

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Key Points

  • Edwards emphasizes the importance of defensive improvement for the Lions to win the NFC North.
  • The Lions' last division win occurred in 1993, and they must prove their defensive capabilities to contend for the title.
  • Edwards advises the team not to get carried away by offseason hype and praises the head coach's ability to maintain focus.

Herm Edwards explains how Detroit Lions can win NFC North

Despite finishing the previous season with a strong 5-1 division record, the Lions fell short of clinching the division title. Edwards recognizes the offensive prowess of the team but highlights the crucial task for defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn to enhance various aspects of the defensive execution. The Lions' run defense, ranking 29th in the league, poses a significant challenge that needs to be addressed. While the team showed improvement toward the end of the season, surrendering an average of 25 points per game indicates further room for growth. Enhancing the defensive side of the ball is the key for the Lions to compete for divisional supremacy.

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“Don't buy into the hype, and I don't think their head coach will allow that to happen,” Edwards said on NFL Live. “But this is a team that was surging at the end of the season. They were 5-1 in the division. Think about that. They had the best division record, although they did not win the division. Offensively, we know they can move the ball and score. Their problem has been on the defensive side, especially the run defense. They were 29th in the National Football League versus the run. So they've got to get a little stouter inside there against the run game. They got better toward the end of the season, but they were giving up 25 points a game. So, this team has some improving to do on the defensive side of the ball. And if they do that, they have a chance to win this division.”

Bottom Line: Defense Holds the Key

The analysis provided by Herm Edwards sheds light on the crucial role of the Detroit Lions defense in their pursuit of the NFC North crown. While the team's offense has shown promise, it is the defensive side of the ball that requires significant attention and improvement. By addressing their weaknesses, particularly in run defense, the Lions can elevate their chances of success in a competitive division.

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