Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Football Advice: HOLD

Fantasy football advice from the DSN Fantasy Factory: Hold on Jonathan Taylor! Dylan Bair explains why. HOLD!

Fantasy Football: Jonathan Taylor

Dylan Bair: Jonathan Taylor is a very interesting guy. I obviously already talked about Michael Pittman and his suffering under the Matt Ryan led offense, and Frank Reich seems just to be unable to concoct a consistent offense.

They keep cycling through these veteran quarterbacks, and in turn, it is hurt Jonathan Taylor significantly. However, no. This is a hold just like Joe Mixon.

As I said last week on the Fantasy Factory, Joe Mixon was a hold because of how the Cincinnati offense turned. And look, low and behold, what he did last week.

And I only expect him to be getting even better for winning terms of Joe Mixon Do not despair. You pick Jonathan Taylor's number one overall or spent 60-plus dollars in an auction for a reason.

Hold again; I'm gonna put in letters. Hold, hold. Keep the line. This dude is absolutely worth it. His numbers being so poor is not on him. It is on the Indianapolis Colts having less offense with Matt Ryan.

Matt Ryan is hurting this dude's fantasy football value. There is no question. However, that does not mean Jonathan Taylor isn't going to get it.

You are looking at the carry count here, and if he's breaking anything like he did last year again, Remi, but for an entire season, over 300 carries. Jonathan Taylor was averaging over five yards per carry.

There is a reason why I have praised this dude as the number one running back in the NFL, and for fantasy purposes, I had him at number one with the bullet.

Do not fret about this. He is not going to be this poor moving forward. There's just no way the dude is getting the volume.

The offense has been terrible, and there's nothing you can do about that for now except again to, hold on, Jonathan Taylor. Hold. 

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