How Brian Branch is following in the footsteps of Amon-Ra St. Brown

Detroit Lions HC Dan Campbell had a message for Brian Branch on the night he was drafted, and it had to do with Amon-Ra St. Brown.

Detroit Lions defensive back Brian Branch experienced a mix of emotions during the 2023 NFL Draft. Initially hopeful of being selected in the first round, he had to wait until the final day to hear his name called. However, Branch found motivation in the story of Amon-Ra St. Brown, a Lions receiver who faced a similar experience two years prior.

Brian Branch Detroit Lions Amon-Ra St. Brown

Key Points

  • Brian Branch, a defensive back for the Detroit Lions, was the last player selected at the 2023 NFL Draft.
  • Amon-Ra St. Brown, a Lions receiver, experienced a similar situation during the 2021 draft.
  • St. Brown's story of perseverance and motivation inspired Branch to approach his own journey with determination.
  • Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell encouraged Branch to use the disappointment as motivation and prove his worth.
  • Branch's commitment and professionalism have been evident in his interactions and performance during Lions OTAs and minicamp.

How Brian Branch is following in the footsteps of Amon-Ra St. Brown

St. Brown's perseverance and determination to prove his worth has served as an inspiration for Branch. Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell encouraged Branch to channel his inner St. Brown and use the disappointment as a chip on his shoulder. Branch has embraced this advice and expressed his commitment to proving himself.

“I told him, ‘Let this be a chip on your shoulder,’” Campbell said last week. “He’s sitting there for a while and there again, it’s one of the reasons we traded back to get him because we couldn’t believe he was still sitting there. And you use that. No different than (what) Saint did. You use that and you show everyone else who passed on you what you’re capable of.”

Branch is already going about his business like a pro

Now that Campbell has gotten the chance to see Branch practice with the Lions' vets, he is already impressed.

“He has a very serious approach about him, especially for a young player,” Campbell said. “He’s very intense.”

“He’s really been here for two weeks with the vets practicing and he’s doing a good job,” Campbell said. “Here’s what you—you can see it on tape, one of the reasons we acquired him, he’s an instinctive player. He has instincts.”

Brian Branch Detroit Lions

The Bottom Line – Unleashing Potential and Overcoming Challenges

Brian Branch's journey, influenced by the experiences of Amon-Ra St. Brown, showcases the power of motivation and determination in overcoming challenges. The Detroit Lions recognized not only Branch's on-field abilities but also his intense approach and professionalism. Branch's instinctive play and dedication to improvement have already made an impact during Lions OTAs and minicamp. As he continues to develop as a player, Branch's commitment to proving himself and utilizing setbacks as motivation will be crucial in his NFL career. The Lions' decision to draft Branch reflects their belief in his potential and their commitment to nurturing talent within the organization.


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