HSJ suggests Steve Yzerman delay naming a captain for 2020-21

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Though we still do not have an exact date, the 2020-21 NHL season is right around the corner and Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman has yet to name the team’s next captain.

Most assume it is a foregone conclusion that Dylan Larkin will be named captain before the season begins, but is it possible that Yzerman delays the announcement and the Red Wings begin another season without anyone wearing the “C” on their sweater?

According to Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press, Yzerman should delay naming a captain until the announcement can “garner the attention it deserves.”

From Detroit Free Press:

It isn’t even so much that 2021 will be a shortened season, but that the announcement can’t garner the attention it deserves.  If it’s done at a news conference, it will be via Zoom. If it’s before a game, there’ll be few — if any — fans to cheer the team’s first captain since 2018.

Back in May, Yzerman told reporters that his plan was to name a captain before the 2020-21 season got underway but that was a long time ago and his mindset may have changed.

Who knows, maybe Yzerman is thinking what St. James is thinking and he very well could delay naming a captain until it can get the attention it deserves.