Hunter Dickinson says Michigan is a ‘Fake Midwest’

Former Michigan C Hunter Dickinson loves to make friends.

Hunter Dickinson, the former standout center for the Michigan Wolverines, made headlines when he decided to transfer to Kansas. After three successful seasons with Michigan, Dickinson sought a change of scenery. During an appearance on the Rock Chalk Unplugged podcast, Dickinson shared his thoughts on the disparities between Michigan and Kansas, particularly in terms of city life.

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Hunter Dickinson says Michigan is a ‘Fake Midwest'

According to Dickinson, while Ann Arbor and Lawrence have some similarities, he perceives Michigan as a “fake Midwest” in comparison to the genuine Midwest vibe he feels in Kansas. Despite his appreciation for Michigan, Dickinson expressed his preference for the warm and welcoming atmosphere he has encountered in Kansas.

“I’d say it’s pretty similar to Ann Arbor, in a sense,” Dickinson said. “Ann Arbor is probably a little bit bigger population wise. In terms of the city like the downtown kind of reminded me of like not a normal city, but gave me that feel. 

“Obviously being from DC, it’s not the same. It’s a little bit more laid back. But I do like Lawrence. I mean it’s Lawrence, Kansas. It’s not Washington DC, but I kind of like it here. I like the slow pace, and kind of laid back feel.”

“Going down Mass Street, it feels like this town has its own kind of culture and stuff like that,” Dickinson said. “I’m super excited when students come back and the towns get bustling and stuff like that. But just walking around, the people are super, super welcoming. Super nice. Definitely get those Midwest vibes. I feel like at Michigan, they weren’t as nice. They were nice people but not as nice. I feel like Michigan is like a fake Midwest. Kansas is actually like a Midwest town. I loved my time in Michigan, but the people here at Kansas are especially nice.”

Key Points

  • Hunter Dickinson's transfer from Michigan to Kansas drew attention in college basketball.
  • Dickinson discussed the differences between Michigan and Kansas, specifically regarding city life.
  • He considers Ann Arbor to be somewhat similar to Lawrence, but views Michigan as a “fake Midwest” compared to Kansas.
  • Dickinson appreciates the warm and welcoming nature of the people in Kansas.
  • On the basketball front, Dickinson had an outstanding season with Michigan.

Bottom Line – Always the Villain

No matter where Hunter Dickinson goes, he does a great job of establishing himself as the villain. Wolverines fans loved him while he was in Ann Arbor, but you can bet these comments will make some of them wish he was never at Michigan!


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