Indianapolis Colts rip off Grand Valley State for alternate uniform idea [Photos]

Did the Indianapolis Colts use Grand Valley State as an inspiration? You be the judge.

On Thursday morning, the Indianapolis Colts unveiled their new alternate uniforms, and if you are from the state of Michigan, they may look familiar to you. As you will see in the photos below, the Colts' new alternate uniform looks very similar to what the Grand Valley State football team wears.

Indianapolis Colts rip off Grand Valley State for alternate uniform idea

First, let's take a look at the Colts' new alternate uniform, which was unveiled just moments ago:

Indianapolis Colts Grand Valley State

Now, let's look at the Grand Valley State uniform as a comparison.

Indianapolis Colts Grand Valley State

As you can see from the photos above, the two uniforms are not identical, but at first glance, they sure do look similar!

Colts unveil new ‘Indiana Nights' alternate uniform

The Colts' new alternate uniform, lovingly dubbed “Indiana Nights,” is set to be unveiled during a Week 7 home game against the Cleveland Browns on October 22nd.

  • The Colts' classic blue color envelops the jersey and pants, infused with “Heather” material for added depth and texture.
  • New features include two horizontal shoulder pad stripes, matching pants piping, and the Colts' secondary logo on the front shoulder.
  • The jersey retains its traditional number font with the addition of black piping.
  • The Colts introduce a black helmet, a departure from their previous white shell, featuring a blue horseshoe logo with white trim and a blue center stripe.
  • A black facemask completes the modernized look. The new design blends classic charm with contemporary style, honoring the team's legacy while embracing the future.

Bottom Line: Colts go the college route with new uniform

The Indianapolis Colts are taking fashion inspiration from the great state of Michigan! Their new alternate uniform bears an uncanny resemblance to the Grand Valley State football team's attire. Did the Colts just pull off the sneakiest “uniform heist” in sports history? While they're not identical, it seems they're trying to borrow some of that winning magic from Michigan. Colts fans, get ready for “Indiana Nights” – a fashion statement that's as bold as it is familiar. Will they have the Wolverines shaking in their boots, or will it be a touchdown celebration for the Wolverines' style team? Stay tuned for the ultimate showdown on October 22nd!


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