Insider Predicts Jim Harbaugh Will Leave Michigan Following The 2023 Season

Insider Predicts Jim Harbaugh Will Leave Michigan Following The 2023 Season.

Insider Predicts Jim Harbaugh Will Leave Michigan Following The 2023 Season

In a week marked by the NCAA's investigation into sign-stealing allegations against the University of Michigan, college football insider Bruce Feldman recently shared his intriguing forecast on The Rich Eisen Show. He discussed not only the potential consequences of the ongoing investigation but also made a bold prediction about the future of the Wolverines' head coach, Jim Harbaugh.

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What did Bruce Feldman Say?

Feldman shared his perspective on how the season may unfold for Michigan and Jim Harbaugh. Feldman believes that regardless of the NCAA investigation, Michigan football will continue to be a significant draw for fans. He compared the situation to the controversy surrounding Cam Newton's transfer to the SEC a decade ago, which led to NCAA scrutiny. Newton was accused of receiving money to play at Auburn but was ultimately reinstated without missing playing time. Auburn went on to win a national title.

“Michigan football is going to drive a lot of eyeballs, no matter what. I think it’s going to be really hard for the NCAA to get out in front of this,” Bruce Feldman said. “The only thing I can compare it to is like about a decade ago or a dozen years ago, Cam Newton took college football by storm when he came from junior college back to the SEC. He was the best college football player I’ve ever seen, and there was all kinds of drama about the NCAA was going to get them or whatever.”

Feldman had initially favored Michigan to win the national title before the investigation surfaced, and he maintains that it's still possible. However, he anticipates that the NCAA's investigation won't conclude before the season ends, and in his bold prediction, he speculates that Jim Harbaugh will depart after this year's campaign.

“I could be wrong on this, and I probably will be, but it doesn’t seem like the NCAA ever moves this fast,” Feldman said. “So I think at some point Jim Harbaugh wins, Jim Harbaugh leaves. I don’t know if he goes to the Bears; I don’t know if he goes to the Chargers. I don’t know where he goes. But I don’t think he’s going to be there next year.”

Why it Matters

Feldman's reasoning behind this forecast is the perceived pace of NCAA investigations, which, in his view, doesn't align with the urgency of the situation. He suggests that Jim Harbaugh will secure a successful season, possibly culminating in a national title, and then make his exit. His destination beyond Michigan remains uncertain.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. NCAA Investigation at Michigan: The NCAA's investigation into sign-stealing allegations at the University of Michigan has attracted significant attention and raised questions about the potential consequences for the football program.
  2. Bruce Feldman's Bold Prediction: College football insider Bruce Feldman, appearing on The Rich Eisen Show, made a noteworthy prediction about the future of Michigan's head coach, Jim Harbaugh. Feldman anticipates that, regardless of the NCAA investigation's outcome, Harbaugh will depart after the 2023 season.
  3. Intrigue Surrounding Michigan's Season: The intersection of Michigan's impressive on-field performance, the ongoing NCAA investigation, and Bruce Feldman's forecast of Harbaugh's departure creates a season filled with intrigue and uncertainty for Michigan fans.

Bottom Line – A Season of Intrigue

The 2023 college football season promises to be one of intrigue and uncertainty for Michigan fans. The ongoing NCAA investigation, coupled with Bruce Feldman's bold prediction about Jim Harbaugh's departure, sets the stage for a season filled with anticipation and potential change. As the Wolverines continue their quest for success on the field, the off-field developments add an extra layer of drama to the college football landscape.