Insider says Detroit Lions signing Tom Brady could break Curse of Bobby Layne

Could the Detroit Lions sign Tom Brady? Could signing Brady help break the Curse of Bobby Layne? Well, that is exactly what one NFL Insider tossed out as a possibility. Back in November, Dan Campbell was asked if he believes the curse actually exists and he had the following to say. “I can’t go there,” Campbell said. “I’m not going to allow myself to go there. The more you buy into that, that's who you become.” Campbell also said believing in the curse is an “excuse” and that he and his players “create their own vibe” and “mojo.”

Tom Brady Lions

Why it Matters

Tom Brady is set to become an unrestricted free agent when the new NFL league year begins, and it sure does sound like the chances are that he will play at least one more season.

  • The Lions currently have Jared Goff but some believe he is not good enough to EVER win a Super Bowl
  • Brady is still playing at a high level

Insider says Detroit Lions signing Tom Brady could break Curse of Bobby Layne

In a recent article, NFL insider Mike Florio floated an idea that he hear from Chris Simms, suggesting that Brady could land with the Lions for the 2023 season.

So while coming up with places where Brady may think he would have a chance to win an eighth championship, Simms mentioned one I hadn’t previously considered.

The Detroit Lions.

Wouldn’t that be something? Tom Brady, back in Michigan. Tom Brady, with a Lions team that finished 2022 strong. A Lions team with an impressive nucleus of talented players. A Lions team that quarterback Jared Goff may be able to lead on a deep run in the postseason, but may not be able to take over the top.

But Florio then took it a step further, suggesting that signing Brady could break the Curse of Bobby Layne.

Maybe that’s the way to finally break the Curse of Bobby Layne, who was only 31 when the Lions traded him but looked 46. Maybe it would be fitting to bring in a quarterback who will be 46 but looks closer to 31.

At this point, it’s nothing more than a dart thrown loosely in the direction of the board. But if the Lions get a phone call from someone on Brady’s behalf in the coming weeks (or if they already have), it won’t be easy to say no. And it ultimately could make plenty of sense to say, “Hell yes.”

Bottom Line

Yes, Brady is still playing at a high level, but the Lions already have Jared Goff, who is coming off of and outstanding season. It would be absolutely shocking to me if the Lions signed Brady.

  • Brady is playing at a high level
  • Goff is also playing at a high level
  • The Lions have expressed how committed they are to Goff
  • It is a very long shot that Brady signs with the Lions
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