Jake Paul KOs Andre August [Video]

Jake Paul KOs Andre August with a single punch! [Video]

Jake Paul KOs Andre August [Video]

Well, that sure did not take long! Just moments ago, Jake Paul silenced quite a few critics when he knocked out Andre August in the first round. As you will see in the video below, Paul connected with an uppercut that sent August flying to the mat.

Jake Paul KOs Andre August

The Knockout

Analysis from USA Today:

Jake comes out wearing a white glove on his left hand and a black glove on his right hand. Jake throwing a couple of jabs. Then a left hook. Nothing landing yet. Andre covering up. Andre fires a jab. Not much action yet. Exchange of blows! Andre with a right and Jake with a body blow. Jake lands a right. Jake lands a BIG right uppercut. It’s OVER! Andre can’t beat the count.

Take a look as it takes one first-round uppercut for Paul to knock out August. Of course, Paul had to wave goodbye to August as he lay on the mat.

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Why it Matters

Paul was +230 to win, which meant he was the underdog against August, who was 10-1-1 heading into the fight. With the win, many will start to take Paul much more seriously as a boxer. With that being said, though Paul was the underdog, August was picked as his opponent for a reason. Until I see Paul knock out a real fighter, I will not be remotely sold on him as a true professional.