Jared Goff: ‘We don’t carry the weight of the last 30 years’

Jared Goff: 'We don’t carry the weight of the last 30 years'

Jared Goff: ‘We don’t carry the weight of the last 30 years'

For the Detroit Lions, this Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings is more than just another gridiron battle; it's a chance to etch their name in history by clinching the NFC North title for the first time since 1993. The significance of this moment is not lost on Lions' quarterback Jared Goff, who emphasized the importance of the present team's focus rather than the burden of a three-decade postseason drought.

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What did Jared Goff Say?

Goff, no stranger to division titles from his tenure with other teams, understands both the tangible and symbolic importance of this potential victory. He acknowledges the profound impact such a win would have on the Detroit community, a city that has long awaited this moment of triumph. However, Goff maintains that the team's focus remains firmly rooted in the present, concentrating on the necessary preparations and strategies to secure a win this week, rather than being overwhelmed by the historical context of their situation.

“It’s really just that, is that a win gets us the division and we understand, we understand, we get it,” quarterback Jared Goff said in his Wednesday press conference. “I think I’ve said this before, but we don’t carry the weight of the last 30 years here, we don’t. It’s the 2023 Lions and we’re different than last year’s team and the year before and 30 years before that.

“So, we’re trying to make our mark this year and we have a chance to do it this week. But yeah, it’s been a long season, we’ve had some success and hopefully can get it done.”

“I understand how special it’ll be for the city,” Goff said. “Absolutely, we understand that and how long the fans have waited and all that, we certainly understand that, but I think we have to focus on what we can control and that’s this week right now.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions could win the NFC North title for the first time since 1993.
  2. Jared Goff emphasizes focusing on the current game, not the past.
  3. A win holds significant meaning for the team and the Detroit community.
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The Bottom Line – A Future Forged in the Present

As the Detroit Lions gear up for a crucial game against the Vikings, the message from Jared Goff is clear: the path to victory lies in focusing on the now, not the yesteryears. This mindset is not about forgetting the past but about using it as a stepping stone to build a stronger, more victorious future. A win this Sunday would be more than just adding a title to the Lions' legacy; it's about inspiring a community and signaling the dawn of a new era in Detroit's football history.