Jason La Canfora: One place “makes sense” for Tom Brady

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has accomplished everything that an NFL player could ever hope for. And he's made it clear that he wants to keep playing well into his 40's.

But will the Patriots abide by that, or look in a new direction?

According to CBS Sports' Jason La Confora, should Brady ultimately move on from the Patriots this offseason, the sunny shores of Los Angeles could be his next destination.

His reasoning while on Fox Sports Xtra 1360 AM San Diego:

“If he does go anywhere, clearly he’s frustrated with the state of what’s around him in New England and he has been all year and it’s boiling over now. Go look at the skill position players with the Chargers, it would be the best group he’d be with since he had Moss and Gronkowski. The next stage of his life and his career will be built around Hollywood. That’s not speculation, that’s not guessing, that’s where it’s at. Whether it’s producing movies with Matt Damon and his Hollywood buddies or creating his own media empire, that’s what this whole thing is geared towards and he’s already got a lot of family out there. His house is already out there, his trainer is already out there. If he leaves, there’s one place that makes sense.”