Jerry Jacobs apologizes to Detroit Lions fans following OT loss to Seahawks

Jerry Jacobs apologizes to Detroit Lions fans after his team lost 37-31 in overtime.

Jerry Jacobs apologizes to Detroit Lions fans following OT loss to Seahawks

Things did not go as planned for the Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon against the Seattle Seahawks. Not only did the Lions not look quite like themselves, but there were times that they looked a lot more like Lions teams of the past that were known for shooting themselves in the foot. One player who did not play very well against the Seahawks is CB Jerry Jacobs, who seemed to be targeted throughout the game. Following the game, Jacobs had a message for Lions' fans.

Jerry Jacobs Detroit Lions Madden NFL 24 Jerry Jacobs apologizes to Detroit Lions fans

What did Jerry Jacobs Say?

Following the game, Jacobs apologized to the fans:

“We're sorry,” Jacobs said. “Just please keep that same energy, because we ain't gonna let you down. We appreciate the support. That (expletive) was loud. It was a great time, seeing all the people in the stands. Just keep bearing with us. We've got you.”

With that being said, Jacobs knows this was just one game, and with 15 more to go, it is about moving forward.

“It's a long season. We've got 15 more games left, we ain't gonna let this one just deflate us. We're gonna keep going, keep getting better and keep pushing, striving.” 

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Lions' Disappointing Performance: The Detroit Lions faced a challenging game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday afternoon, where things didn't unfold as they had hoped.
  2. Jerry Jacobs' Message to Fans: Cornerback Jerry Jacobs, who faced a tough outing against the Seahawks and appeared to be a target throughout the game, addressed the Lions' fan base after the match. Jacobs extended an apology to the fans for the team's performance, emphasizing their appreciation for the support and the electrifying atmosphere in the stands.
  3. Looking Ahead: Jacobs expressed a commitment to moving forward, recognizing that this was just one game out of a long NFL season. With 15 more games ahead, he conveyed the team's determination to learn from their mistakes, improve, and continue pushing forward in pursuit of their goals.
Jerry Jacobs Detroit Lions

Bottom Line: On to the next game

In the aftermath of a less-than-ideal outing for the Lions, Jerry Jacobs stepped up and delivered a candid message to the faithful fans. While acknowledging the disappointment, Jacobs underscored the significance of the fans' unwavering support, a testament to the enduring passion of Lions enthusiasts. Looking ahead, he echoed the team's resolve to rebound and improve over the course of the long season, recognizing that they have ample opportunities, 15 to be exact, to rewrite their narrative and honor the fervent loyalty of the Detroit faithful.

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